Irish MMA placed high on IMMAF World Rankings

The IMMAF recently released their amateur MMA world rankings. The rankings will be used to determine match-ups in future IMMAF Competions.

It seems that fighters who fought at the recent World Championships are the only ones selected, possibly due to the impossible scope of ranking every amateur fighter in the world. And also it seems the rankings will only be affected by fights taking place in official IMMAF competitions like the upcoming European Championships in the UK this November.

Here are a list the Irish MMA representative who were ranked in the top 10 in their respective weight divisions:
145lbs- Sinead Kavanagh (ROI) ranked 2nd

125lbs- Mark McGlinchey (NI) ranked 5th
135lbs- Carl McNally (NI) ranked 3rd
145lbs- Frans Mlambo (ROI) ranked 1st
145lbs- Ross McCorriston (NI) ranked 6th
155lbs- James Gallagher (ROI) ranked 6th
155lbs- Ciaran Breslin (NI) ranked 9th
170lbs- Steven Moore (NI) ranked 9th
185lbs- Kiefer Crosbie (ROI) ranked 6th
205lbs- Denis Perry (NI) ranked 3rd

The P4P rankings list Mlambo at 9th, Kavanagh at 17th, McNally at 24th and Perry at 28th.

The Team Rankings sees Team Republic of Ireland ranked 8th and Team Northern Ireland ranked 13th.

To view the rankings yourself please click here.

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