‘I talk fast…and I finish fights fast!’ – John Phillips

Knock out specialist and newly signed UFC Mixed Martial Artist John ‘The White Mike Tyson’ Phillips spoke exclusively with #WHOATV hours after revealing that his new competing ground would indeed be the Octagon.

After weeks of entertaining his fan base with tongue in cheek videos depicting his long wait for the UFC call up Phillips is keen to explain negotiations were ongoing during the duration of his relentless posts. “I talk fast I act fast and I finish fights fast. We’ve been talking with them back and for the past few weeks. I’ve known for 2/3 weeks that I was signing. And still put the Marshman video out.”

Newly signed middleweight Jack Marshman seemed to be the centre of his attention and his fan base seem excited at the prospect of the fight being made. Phillips is set on pursuing that fight even though his first bout in the UFC, scheduled for January,  is at Light Heavyweight. “I’d be going back on my word if I said no that I didn’t want to fight Jack. I’m not a man to go back on my word me and Jack will fight at some date. I’m sure and he’ll fall like the rest.”

Having struggled to make weight in the past I was keen to find out from  Phillips if Light Heavyweight was a permanent home for him a topic  he was keen to clear up straight away. “My first fight is at Light heavyweight  so there’ll be no issues making weight there and afterwards I’ll be going back down to Middleweight where making weight will not be an issue of any kind. It’s all professional from here on in. No more pizza!”

Having already expressed his thoughts on his signing in his recent video posted via social media Phillips is clearly happy on his new journey and the opportunities now open to him. “I’m chuffed to be signed I feel I’m entitled to this. I’ve worked my ass off from the age of 14 and it’s all lead to this moment in time. I’ve got a long road ahead of me now and intend to hit it head on. The Welsh Wrestling Machine is in the house!”



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