“I just want to shut [Scope] up!” – Walter Gahadza

Walter “The Sniper” Gahadza is a 14-0 Welterweight fighter and the most recent addition to the ever growing BAMMA roster. For Gahadza who has spent most of 2014 out with injury, the new deal with BAMMA is a blessing in disguise and will see him fight for the promotion before the end of the year. “The contract is a multi-fight deal over 18 months. I am very happy to have signed with BAMMA.”

His decision to sign for BAMMA was made easier given his links through training with some of the promotions stars including Paul Daley who recently picked up a win at BAMMA 16. “I had already spoken to BAMMA but being around them did urge me on, it was definitely an influence.”

But what was the key behind choosing BAMMA ahead of any of the other promotions in the UK/Europe? “I have always liked BAMMA I think they have a very good set up. I have wanted to fight for BAMMA for a long time. When I was starting to train they were one of the biggest promotions in the country.”

As we discuss a possible opponent for his BAMMA debut in December, there is one man on the BAMMA roster who has been matched up with Walter on a few occasions and someone he would love to fight. That man is Ryan Scope. “We will be fighting in the same promotion. I think he is a talented kid, but I don’t believe it’s his time. It’s my time. I don’t have beef with Ryan Scope and it’s nothing personal. But for me it’s unfinished business. I just want to shut him up.”

Walter has a perfect unbeaten record of 14-0 but what does he make of the people who claim that the TSG fighter has yet to be really tested in the cage? “For me it’s all about convincing people. I believe I am a hidden talent and signing with BAMMA will only help to expose that to a wider audience. I have only been fighting for about four years and people haven’t seen my best.”

Signing with BAMMA in Walter’s opinion will not only gain him greater exposure but will also help him reach his aspirations in the sport which like most others is to “get to the top” and he will look to use BAMMA “as a step ladder to help me get there.”


While Walter has experience fighting on a big stage having bouts under his belt with Made4TheCage and various other UK promotions he has never fought at a promotion the scale of BAMMA. But whereas the normal human being would be sick with nerves heading into a new job, Walter doesn’t let that affect him. “I channel my nerves towards the fight and opponent. I believe that when you fight you just adapt to any style. I adapt to what’s in front of me. I come to bring my A game and I don’t feel pressure as at the end of the day it’s just my job.”

Born in Zimbabwe, Walter moved to the UK at the age of thirteen where he lived in Essex with his family. As a young lad Walter was always a very good runner particularly 100m sprints. So how does someone with no background in martial arts become a professional mixed martial artist? “Well my friend invited me to TSG in Southend so I went down with him and just trained. I’m very lucky and blessed that I am very athletic. I love being active. It just clicked from there really. I know it’s completely different to sprinting as you’re getting punched in the face but I just took a real passion to it.”

And it’s been at TSG in Essex where Walter has honed his skills and where he calls home. But he isn’t totally against mixing up his training and finds it important to branch out to seek new training partners and learn new stuff. “It’s always important to keep different training partners to adapt to different styles.”

One of his most recent sparring partners outside of TSG was none other than former UFC fighter and BAMMA Poster boy Paul Daley, someone who Walter holds in very high regards “Daley has so much talent, the only place he belongs to be is the UFC. I think it’s silly that they are keeping him out. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. He is the best fighter in the UK.”

So while we will have to wait just a little while longer for “The Sniper” to make his BAMMA debut, Walter believes it will be worth the wait. “People haven’t seen the best of me yet.”

Walter would like to thank “TSG Southend, Daniel Burzotta who is also my manager, all of my team mates, Paul Daley and his coaches. All of my family and fans for their support and love. My sponsors Nandos, Show Show Clothing and Media, R&J County Solutions, R&J Builders and Bad Boy.”

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