Herb Dean uses half nelson to restore order at Road FC

Herb Dean may be more commonly known for his officiating inside the UFC Octagon and being one of the best in the business but he came up against two immovable objects at Road FC.

Dean was the official for a Heavyweight clash at Road FC 27 which pitted Kim Jae-Hun and Aorigele.
Aorigele won the fight with a TKO victory but when it came to stopping the Heavyweight from continuing to land punches on his already beaten opponent, Dean had to revert to a half nelson lock to stop him.

Jae-Hun’s corner man came rushing into the cage outraged at Aorigele’s actions but security were able to intercept and ensure that no further punches were thrown after the fight was stopped.

You can watch the end of the fight and Herb Dean’s half nelson in the video below;

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