[GIF] Watch the Wanderlei and Sonnen brawl from TUF

For some time it was just a myth but over the weekend it finally became a reality. The much talked about brawl on the set of TUF Brazil between coaches, and rivals, Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen was aired via Fight Pass and, as always, Zombie Prophet (@ZProphet_MMA) has provided us with another must-see gif of the ‘fight’.

wandy sonnen brawl

Wanderlei was the one who was obviously aggressive getting in Sonnen’s face and even spitting on the ground in front of the American. However, Sonnen was the first to engage contact when he pushed Wanderlei away and then the brawl ensued.

Funny thing is that the fight has not yet been signed or may not even happen….or so Chael Sonnen keeps implying over twitter with his various tweets about Wanderlei faking injuries or asking to postpone it. In the past day Sonnen has went as far as focusing his attention on Rich Franklin, asking the former champ to fight him or should I say telling the former champ to fight him;

“No, no, no… The math teacher doesn’t walk away. I put him away. You got one good one left. I’m not asking…”

“What would you like me to call u? Mr Franklin? Rich? Richard? Dick? Ace? Just call me the 1 who ended ur career. Now I’ll take a berry blast.”

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