In advance of his planned meeting with Brad Pickett Ian McCall recently spoke to MMA Fight Corner about his opponent, “Him coming down to 125 is not always the recipe for revamping your career. You weren’t the fastest bantamweight in the world, and you’re coming down to a division where speed is king. As if that opening shot was not enough he also added “I’m at a 50 percent ratio so far getting bonuses, he’s only going to add to that.”

Pickett has always been one to avoid trash talking, preferring to let his skills do the talking for him in the Octagon. McCall is a tough welcome for him in a promotion where there are no easy fights. Pickett was characteristically nonchalant when I discussed with him McCall’s recent disparaging remarks. He seemed unbothered by the potential storm brewing ahead of their March 8th meeting and when I tried to gauge his response to McCall’s sabre rattling he told me, “There is a fine line between confidence and being cocky/disrespectful. I know which one he is. Also I’m 5 out of 6 fights for bonuses so that’s a lot more than 50%”

‘One Punch’ will have his opportunity to perhaps silence ‘Uncle Creepy’ as the 8th March is fast approaching. Tickets are still available for UFC’s Fight Night and can be obtained here.


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