Earlier this week action sports Director Bobby Razak showcased his forthcoming film ‘Mask’ to a group of close friends, specially invited guests and a selection of MMA media.

Mask is a labour of love for the ex Tottenham resident now living in LA. It intricately weaves 13 years worth of footage together for an intriguing and at times uncomfortable cinematic journey. The film is an honest, beautifully shot and compelling story. For the viewer it offers great photography and outstanding cinematography, Mask is tightly edited with a non linear narrative.  It’s approach is refreshing which is no surprise as we are in the accomplished and capable hands of Razak.

The cut we viewed was only 75% partly edited, I couldn’t help but feel if what we experienced was only partially finalised, then what would the end result look like.

From a personal point of view Bobby Razak’s journey as a film maker, his portfolio of work and his gritted determination has sought to be an inspiration to me as an individual so it was indeed a pleasure to capture his thoughts for this weeks episode of the #WHOACAST.


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