Fights that’ll make you say WHOA: Chalmers vs Donaldson

Continuing the expanded version of our look at the Euro Gang that are worth keeping an eye out for this month we have many to look forward to this coming weekend. Danny Roberts, Darren Stewart and Galore Bofando will all be taking to the UFC’s Octagon (we’ll be covering Bofando in another article) but this Friday I feel Aaron Chalmers is worth of your attention and will make you exclaim…WHOA.

Love him or loathe him one thing is clear you will undoubtedly tune in or search out the result of his fight. Aaron Chalmers is compelling viewing and rightly or wrongly its easy to see why BAMMA have invested more than 100,000 princely UK pounds in ‘Brand Chalmers’.

Based on Chalmers skills set it’s clear that he won’t be challenging for the belt anytime soon. To be fair he is well seized of his short comings and relatively novice experience. He is anything but a pretender. As a relatively new MMA fighter based on his ‘celebrity’ status he can certainly draw a crowd. Having spent quite a bit of time around Chalmers he certainly comes across as a genuine combat enthusiast with the TV career being incidental.

He’s racked up two wins and given his MMA prowess, by rights he should have lost to both opponents. His wis have certainly raised his stock. A submission win in his first outing and a devastating KO win in his return to the cage have catapulted Chalmers into a position where even seasoned fighters want to face him in the cage.

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It’s clear BAMMA are adopting a slowly, slowly does it development of ‘The Joker’ with opponents who will push him slightly out of his comfort zone. The latest test, Karl ‘Baby Rampage’ Donaldson a former ‘Ban Dog’ protege of Jamaine ‘The Pain’ Facey seems legit. A former boxer who will undoubtedly test Chalmers stand up skills should also fold in quick fashion as Chalmers does posses credible Muay Thai skills. It would be a genuine shock to see ‘Baby Rampge’ standing with his hands raised at the end of this contest, in fact it will be a genuine surprise to see Donaldson standing at all at the end of this.

Chalmers takes on Donaldson at BAMMA 33 this Friday at the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne and will be shown live on ITV. Stay tuned to WHOA TV’s Twitter page for play by play commentary and all the latest news surrounding this fight card.

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