Fighter’s UFC debut postponed & house robbed on same weekend

While Joe Soto was called away for his UFC title shot and to do all the obligations associated with such a fight his original opponent for UFC 177, Anthony Birchak (11-1), was left without an opponent to make his own debut against.

However the UFC still gave him his fight purse. So he got his money and enjoyed the UFC event, not ideal for a fighter after going through both fight camp and fight week but it is a consolation nonetheless.

But his misery didn’t end there. Upon returning home he entered an empty house. According to MMA Weekly ” the thief or thieves wiped Birchak’s family clean, taking not only his priceless MFC championship ring, but also everything else from the television set to Barbies and diapers to his family’s food, according to Birchak.”

He tweeted the following:

birchak twitter 1

However, his outlook on things is very commendable given the weekend he just had:

birchak twitter 2

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