Fight Music: Luke Barnatt

Brit Luke Barnatt, 26, has been on the losing end of two back to back split decisions. The ‘Bigslow’,  entered the UFC by way of TUF 17, was originally scheduled to face Clint Hester at UFC Fight Night, Mendes vs. Lamas, on April 4, however Hester was forced to withdraw due to injury.

On the face of it he has landed a bigger and better fight in Mark Muñoz, but let’s look a little deeper here. Beating Mark Muñoz and keeping his slot on the roster is a definate win and possibly a source of focus as it will  ensure losing is not an option. However, losing to Munoz, who has already revealed this will be his last fight, again is not so bad. If Barnatt goes out on his shield here he has done so against a highly respected opponent.

Ahead of his return to the Octagon where he’ll face ‘The Philipino Wrecking Machine’  when the UFC pitches up in the Philippines, Luke Barnatt talks to #WHOATV about his all time favourite music tracks that he deems would be essential if he were ever marooned on a desert island.

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