Fantasy Island – UFC’s Special Announcement

In just a week’s time in the fight capital of the world the UFC are set to “make a very special announcement” at a star studded event. The event which takes place at The Smith Centre for the Performing Arts is set to host a range of the promotions top fighters and also unveil the 2015 schedule and will be streamed live.

But just what could this special announcement be? Why would the UFC go through the effort of putting an event together if it wasn’t something significant? Only the UFC will know and while we are only just over a week away from finding out here are some of my thoughts as to what I think they may be announcing;

Dana stepping down as President?
Certainly hoping this isn’t the case but there is a very small possibility that the main man might be taking a back seat. Dana doe seem to have taken a bit of a back step recently and hasn’t been in the public eye as much as he was in the past. He has also cut back on the media scrums after events and while that may just be a moot point there is certainly a small chance that after years in the driving seat it’s time for him to take a back seat and relax a bit. Would be a big shame for the fans but it will eventually reach a time when Uncle Dana needs to step back and hand the reins on to someone else.

UFC buys Invicta?
Since early this year Invicta has been shown on UFC Fight Pass so this just seems the next natural step, right? For me it just doesn’t seem right that Invicta are not owned by the UFC. First was WEC, then Strikeforce and so I think it will only be a matter of time before the power of the UFC incorporates Invicta, but for me look to run the promotion as a sole entity instead of incorporating it into their roster. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if this was the announcement and would welcome the biggest Women’s MMA promotion under the Zuffa banner to help promote Women’s MMA in the best possible way and with the resources that Zuffa hold.

UFC announce Gina Carano is on the roster?
Surely it’s only a matter of time before the UFC and Gina Carano announce she is back fighting. Carano is actually still under contract with the UFC under her Strikeforce contract which has four fights on it but having not fought since 2009 it would definitely be a big announcement for women’s MMA. And what better occasion to announce a star in a star studded event?

UFC has been sold to Viacom?
Whilst the Fertitta brothers are emotionally invested in the company which they have bought up from the bottom to the top, like the Million Dollar man famously said “Everybody has a price.” The UFC is currently owned by Zuffa LLC which is majority owned by the Fertitta brothers but a buy out from Viacom would be a huge deal and offer MMA to the masses. With 170 networks reaching approximately 700 million subscribers in over 160 countries Viacom could really be placed to take MMA to that next level. I think at one stage even the emotional interest from the Fertitta brothers will take a side step as they realise just what is really important to continue to grow this great sport.

Joe Martinez to succeed Andy Friedlander?
Perhaps this is the predication which I most want to see come to fruition. In my eyes Martinez is divisions ahead of Friedlander in terms of MC talent and this announcement would only be a good thing for UFC fans worldwide. Friedlander has done a good job covering the European events in the absence of Bruce Buffer but, only a good job. The UFC can’t afford to do, just good. And clearly they acknowledge just how good Martinez is and have drafted him in as of late. Perhaps not an announcement worthy of an event in Vegas but one I expect to see made official soon.

UFC appoint a matchmaker for EMEA?
Sean Shelby needs a break every now and again right? So why not appoint a matchmaker specifically covering EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa)? There are so many world class matchmakers in Europe alone that they have a vast pool of talent to choose from. With the rapid expansion of the amount of cards over the coming years this announcement would allow an individual to solely focus on EMEA and look to grow a future roster for the UFC whilst entertaining fans across his/her appointed jurisdiction.

Well there are a few thoughts as to what the major announcement could be and while some are probably more realistic than others I hope you have enjoyed my opinions. Happy to listen to your views on what the announcement could be on twitter @mmanarchy and on facebook at

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