Dylan Tuke “Alan Philpott is an a**hole

Dylan “The Nuke” Tuke may only have a professional record of 1-0 but the SBG Dublin fighter is one of the biggest prospects at 135lbs in Europe right now.

Bryan Lacey had the pleasure of speaking to “The Nuke” on this week’s #WHOACAST and the 19 year old was not holding anything back.

Whilst Tuke only has one professional bout under his feet, he has been training and in the gym since an early age and is able to bring that gym experience into his fights.

“I have been around the sport a long time and I do feel truly grateful for that. I have been doing this since I was 12 years old and I started at SBG at 16.”

“My mindset is quite unique. I feel like a pitbull on a leash ahead of my fights and the closer it gets the more I feel like the leash gets shorter. Then the minute I am in the cage and the leash is off I feel so free and don’t have to hold back, just let my technique work.”

Tuke looked very dominant in his first professional bout at #BAMMA22 against Adam Caffrey and what stood out most was his patience throughout the bout. Going into the fight Caffrey was the more experience fighter with a 6-1 amateur record but Tuke didn’t make much of that record.

“His record is padded to shit. He is mediocre at best.”

Following his first round stoppage at #BAMMA22, BAMMA had offered Tuke the opportunity to move up in weight to compete at #BAMMA23, however, after sitting down with John Kavanagh the decision was made to stay at 135lbs for now.

“John thought it was best for me to stay at Bantamweight and what the boss says goes.”

But it didn’t take long for BAMMA to gift Tuke with another Bantamweight scrap and up next for him is fellow Irishman Neil Ward.

“Ward is 1-2 now, he got his ass whooped up at Chaos by Gavin Kelly. I haven’t done much looking on him, I don’t care about him. He comes from same club as my last opponent which I don’t understand.”

“Did they send me a second class fighter to fight me first and now they are sending their first class fighter? I think they have obsession about me and have pictures up on their wall that they throw darts at. But like in the fights they miss with the darts.”

“Neil knows he is going to get finished in the first, maybe he will find himself a nice building job after February.”

While Tuke is completely focused on the task at hand at #BAMMA24 there is another 135lb Irishman he would love nothing more than to get his hands on. That man is Alan “The Apprentice” Philpott.

“I kinda wanted that little fat kid Philpott at BAMMA 24 but he was too much of a pussy to accept. Plus BAMMA aren’t going to throw him under the bus. He can’t afford another loss, he won’t get to the UFC as it is.”

“Philpott is just an asshole, simple as. If you like him you are clearly deluded he is just an idiot. I don’t like people who are two faced. Us Irish don’t like snakes and he is a snake in the grass. I think he is just a mouth and I would love nothing more than to put a knee through his chest and silence him once and for all.”

A bout with Philpott would certainly attract a lot of attention but Tuke is more focused on his own career and is a firm believer that he will reach the heights of the UFC in a very short time.

“I can’t help but see that I will be in the UFC within the next year. Ever since BAMMA happened it was like a space ship about to take off. Then it took off. I just feel like it’s just starting now. If I am I am, if im not im not, going to certainly try rack up few good wins.”

You can catch the whole interview with Dylan “The Juke” Tuke on this weeks #WHOACAST below. Listen, enjoy and share;

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