Driving ambition: Benny Carr speaks ahead of BAMMA 15

Benny “Brutal” Carr is 3-0 in his professional career so far and it has been announced that he will be fighting on the BAMMA 15 prelim card against Jacek Toczydlowski. Benny hailing from Southampton has won all his fights so far by TKO and in his last bout against Keiron Rice won the Domestic Fight of 2013 Award. MMAnarchy caught up with Carr to discuss his fight preparation and where he sees his career going;

TQ – How excited are you for this fight and how has fight preparation been?

BC – Hi guys I’m not just excited I’m eager to get in there and do what I need to! not only to win but to secure my place on BAMMA for the future. Fight prep has been amazing and I’ve trained with some of the best current fighters in the UK leading up to this fight.

TQ – Have you struggled to get a full camp in given the late announcement of the card and do you think this will have any impact on fight night?

BC – No I was told to be ready for April so I have had a full 10 week fight camp in which I’ve given 100 percent effort and left no stone unturned. There will be no excuses on the night luck is for the unprepared.

TQ – Your opponent Jacek is pretty aggressive and doesn’t hold back in fights. How do you see the fight playing out and do you feel that you will be able to deal with his forward fighting game plan?

BC – I work great under pressure and someone coming forward will just add to a very explosive fight I like just putting it all out there and putting on a show.

TQ – He is also coming off the back of two back to back losses. Do you think that makes him more dangerous given that his need to win will perhaps be greater than yours?

BC – I think perhaps that the fact that he will want to win to try and regain some momentum and the fact that I’m hungry to secure another spot on BAMMA will lend itself to a great fight!

He has my respect so those losses don’t reflect how I feel about him as a mixed martial artist but it does show a path to winning this fight!

TQ – Obviously you are still early on in your career, how much of a confidence boost is it to be given the opportunity to fight for BAMMA?
BC – This is a great opportunity and it’s the reason I don’t want to miss out on making it as one of the best in the UK! I have the dedication, the right coaches and team around me so BAMMA is the best platform to display all this.

TQ – Does this also bring additional pressure to you though ahead of the fight?

BC – No real added pressure just helps motivate me to be ready

TQ – You fight at Welterweight, how much do you have to cut to get there and how is the weight two weeks out?

BC – I’m sat here now at 84 kg on the button I get to 82kg and then it’s the normal water cut to 77.5kg. I’ve come from 98.4kg 12 weeks ago so I’m feeling strong!

TQ – You train at Exile MMA but I have also seen that you have been mixing things up with Dean Amasinger and Ross Pearson. How does it feel to get training/coaching from the likes of those guys, it must really give you a boost in the gym?

BC – When you train with people like this then you know that you’re in the right place! Training day and day out with fighters that are far more experienced and skilled than you does nothing but bring you on leaps and bounds! After the last training session with Ross Pearson he had nothing but compliments and that’s part of what makes you mentally ready aswell as physically ready. Dean Amasinger is happy with where I’m at and his wealth of knowledge helps with every situation possible in a fight. Exile gym has the freestyle wrestling champion as a coach and three Muay Thai coaches with legit credentials. The head coach Daniel victor Bourne is the guy I really look up to and I trust in everything he says and believe in his choices.

TQ – Your last fight was back in July last year, what have you been doing since then and how difficult is it to stay motivated during the down time between fights/fight announcements?

BC – There has been no downtime in between fights just spent the time refining my wrestling and my striking only work commitments stopped me from committing to a full fight camp but a new job has allowed me even more time to prep.

TQ – And touching on your last fight, it picked up the Domestic Fight of 2013 Award at Addicted MMA. How much does a fight like that take out of you?

BC – That fight was brilliant it has helped me to better understand myself as a fighter and to spend times in certain areas making improvements all in all it lends itself towards a better and more prepared fighter on the night. My opponent Keiron Rice was one tough and great guy.

TQ – In an ideal world with no injuries, how many times would you like to fight in 2014?

BC – I don’t want to look past this fight but (touch wood) everything goes well then I’d like to stay as busy as I can.

TQ – Finally is there anyone to thank or mention?

BC – I would like to thank my home gym exile gym Southampton for the support aswell as everyone in team impact especially Ross Laurence and wad alameddine for sending me all over the place to train with the best guys in the business.

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A special thanks to Daniel Bourne for the amount of training and time he puts in to not just me but the rest of the exile gym team.

To my hometown waterside who always come and support me no matter where I am I really appreciate the effort and time.

Thanks to shock n awe for having me on as that’s all part of where I’m at now so thank you.

Ben Farrelly at addicted mma for the help with exposure and always being at the end of the phone.

And my partner Rachel who helps out when I need it.

See you all on the 5th!

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