Diego Sanchez on Norman Parke: “I would love to fight the guy”

TUF 1 winner Diego Sanchez is a guy who is used to being called out and at UFC Dublin his name was once again mentioned during a post-fight in-ring interview but this time by, the normally quiet, Norman Parke.

Parke (20-2-1) was just fresh off his very first finish in the UFC, on his fifth attempt, and was obviously very pumped up by the situation, as was evident in his jumping out of the cage and into the crowd after the win, when he mentioned Sanchez and called him ‘punk’.

In an interview with Submission Radio the veteran fighter was asked about Parke’s callout and whether he would be interested in the match-up:
“I don’t understand why he called me out. I guess he just wants to make a name for himself and that is understandable. Yeah, he’s on a roll and right now I’m like I’d fight anybody. I need a fight, I need a fight so I can just get motivated so I can have that name in the back of my mind, everyday waking up thinking this guy is training for me. So yeah, if things come together with Norman Parke I would love to fight the guy.”

Alan’s Angle: Sanchez also mentioned in the interview (which you can watch and listen below) about his interest in the UFC Mexico card. Norman Parke has been somewhat of a roaming fighter in the UFC having fought five fights in five different countries for the organisation so I would not be surprised if he wanted to make it six-for-six and add Mexico to the list. It is a fight that makes sense in both guys’ respective career paths. Norman being the young guy moving up the ranks and Diego being the one looking to prove he can not just hang with the new generation but also be a force in the lightweight division.

norman parke

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