David Haye stops De Mori in brutal fashion

Going into #HayeDay the question wasn’t if, it was when. And David Haye provided that the answer was just 130 seconds, to defeat Mark De Mori and announced that the “Hayemaker” is back in the Heavyweight boxing mix.

Haye made his return to the ring after a three and a half year layoff with a first round knockout win at the 02 Arena in London.

De Mori didn’t take too kindly to some of Haye’s jabs early on and was on the back foot for the duration of the bout until Haye put his foot to the peddle and landed a huge overhand right, leaving De Mori unconscious before even hitting the mat.

You can see the fight ending punch in the video below courtesy of Dave TV, which showed the return of Haye live;

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