Dana White confident in a New York event later this year

For years now the UFC have pushed for legalization of MMA in the state of New York. After a lot of work, amateur MMA was allowed but each year professional MMA has been declined.

As a result, the UFC have littered event around the state in neighbouring New Jersey, Boston, and Pennsylvania. It seemed to me that the promotion were trying to show that these events are great for the cities that host them. How much revenue they bring and how carnival-like the whole week is in each city.

Now last night Dana White revealed that the UFC are so confident that MMA will be granted legality that they have already booked a date in New York for later this year. The reason being for the confidence is that the main opposer, Sheldon Silver, is going through some professional problems after claims came about him taking bribes etc.

Here is Dana White speaking with Kenny Rice about the whole thing.

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