Dana asks Muhammad Ali’s daughter to call him about a fight with Rousey

Laila Ali, daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, recently made headlines in the MMA world with her playful comments about a hypothetical fight with UFC champ Ronda Rousey saying that she would beat her. Rousey then bit back at the retired boxer and suggested that they fight.

TMZ Sports bumped into Dana White and asked him about a potential fight and he seemed down with the idea and asked Laila to call him.

“Laila, if you’re serious, call me,” he said to the camera. “If she wants it, she’ll get it. Call me.”

White also revealed that he feels the fight would be very one-sided and even if Ali got the help of Randy Couture it would still not help her in a fight with Rousey.

“No disrespect to Laila but she would be in the 14 second range,” he stated before talking about Couture’s influence. “I don’t think it would help at all and I think Randy knows that too.”

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