Chael Sonnen vs. ‘Babalu’ set for Metamoris VI

‘The American Gangster’ aka ‘The Peoples Champ’ aka ‘The Face of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’ is back ladies and gentlemen. Chael Sonnen will compete at Metamoris VI against fellow UFC veteran Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral on May 9th in Los Angeles.

Metamoris is one of the premier grappling promotions and do 20-minute-submission-only matches. The only way to win is to secure a submission and making your opponent tap (or sleep in some cases). The bout is ruled a draw if it goes the full 20 minutes.

A who’s who of the grappling world has competed in the event including the likes of Renzo Gracie, Eddie Bravo, Dean Lister, Josh Barnett, Gary Tonen, Keenan Cornelius, Kron Gracie, Caio Terra and many more.

Chael Sonnen competed in the main event of Metamoris IV losing to Andre Galvao by rear-naked choke nearly 15 minutes into their match and at Metamoris III Sobral fought Dean Lister to a draw.

It is said the Sonnen vs. ‘Babalu’ will not be the main event of the evening and more info on the rest of the card will be revealed in the coming days.


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