Cage Warriors 74 – Live Play by Play

Nicolas Dalby (c) vs. Mohsen Bahari
CWFC Welterweight World Title Bout

Round One – Both trade kicks early as they try to find their range. Dalby lands a straight right. Dalby lands a big leg kick. Bahari throws a head kick which misses but gets the better of Dalby in the clinch. Dalby throws a head kick which is catched. Bahari tries to take down Dalby but Dalby shows his balance and is able to avoid the takedown. Dalby has Bahari against the cage and both exchange knees. Bahari breaks with a short elbow. Good combo from Bahari and Dalby lands a leg kick. Bahari winning the stand up exchanges so far. Dalby lands a one, two of his own. Dalby shoots for the takedown and succeeds in getting Bahari to the mat. Elbow and knee to the body but Bahari escapes. Bahari lands a few shots and lands an elbow. Dalby lands a straight right. Bahari tags Dalby who responds with a few of his own.

Round Two – Dalby scores a head kick but Bahari presses forward. Bahari lands a left and Dalby responds with a combo which wobbles Bahari. Dalby drives Bahari into the cage and takes him down. Bahari is cut open. Dalby lands some shots from the top. Bahari trying to get back up but Dalby holds him down. Dalby smothering his opponent who is desperate to get the fight back up. Bahari eventually gets back to his feet but Dalby has him pressed against the cage and the two swing for the fences. One minute to go. Leg kick from Dalby. Dalby comes forward with some punches and throws a high kick. Dalby shoots for a double and gets Bahari back to the mat.

Round Three – Dalby goes for a head kick which is blocked. Bahari lands some shots and throws a head kick of his own. Dalby on the back foot but able to land a few strikes. Dalby shoots but Bahari stuffs the takedown attempt. Bahari lands a nice combo finishing with an elbow. Dalby lands a big straight left and backs Bahari up against the cage. Lovely combo from Dalby including two left jabs and a head kick. Dalby has Bahari against the cage again looking for a takedown. Body, head combo and then the takedown from Dalby. Bahari gets back to his feet quickly. Dalby scores another big takedown. A minute to go. Bahari on his back and Dalby looking to keep him there.

Round Four – Dalby presses forward and lands some strikes and a big head kick. Dalby is definitely the fresher fighter right now. A flurry from Dalby sees Bahari slumber back onto the cage. Dalby gets another takedown but Bahari springs back up. Bahari lands some strikes of his own which rock Dalby. Dalby throws a knee down the middle and then gets another takedown. Bahari trying to generate something from the bottom but Dalby too much for him at this stage with only a minute to go in the round.

Round Five – Dalby throws a body kick and then shoots for a takedown. Bahari able to stuff it but is up against the cage. Dalby throwing some hard kicks which Bahari is able to block. Right hand, high kick lands for Dalby. Nice double leg takedown from Dalby but Bahari springs back up. Leg kick from Dalby. Dalby goes for the head kick again but its blocked. Bahari lands a nice combo but again Dalby scores with a takedown. Bahari eats a knee on his way up. A minute to go. Dalby goes for another takedown which is stuffed and the two battle against the cage. Dalby should remain champion after this tough battle.

Nicolas Dalby def Mohsen Bahari by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45) to remain CWFC Welterweight World Champion

Julien Boussuge vs. Joseph Duffy
Lightweight Bout

Round One – Duffy lands a big right which wobbles Boussuge early. Duffy lands a knee which knocks Boussuge out cold.

Joseph Duffy def Julien Boussuge by KO (Knee) at 0:36 of Round One

Sean Carter vs. Tim Wilde
Lightweight Bout

Round One – Both guys come out fast. Carter lands a right punch and Wilde swarms him and ends up on top of Carter. Carter working to get off the bottom and Wilde starts to throw some punches which allows Carter to get back up. Wilde throws a kick and Carter lands a right and takes Wilde down. Carter on top now. Wilde gets back up and the two swing. Wilde lands a side body kick and Carter lands a big overhand right. Carter lands a knee in the clinch. Wilde has Carter against the cage and Carter lands some knees to the body. Wilde breaks and unloads shots on Carter then scores a big takedown with only twenty seconds of the round to go.

Round Two – Wilde lands a big straight left and they clinch and Carter has Wilde against the cage. Carter working for the takedown but Wilde explodes and lands a barrage of kicks and punches and Carter attempts a flying triangle on the way down. Carter looking for the triangle but Wilde defending well. Carter adjusts and tries again with nearly two minutes on the clock. Carter sinks in the triangle and Wilde taps.

Sean Carter def Tim Wilde by submission (triangle) at 3:26 of Round Two

Tom Breese vs. Thibaud Larchet
Welterweight Bout

Round One – Larchet lands a leg kick but eats a right and a leg kick is returned by Breese. Larchet catches a kick from Breese and presses forward and has Breese against the cage. Breese is able to take Larchet down and takes top control. Larchet is able to work back to his feet and gets Breese against the cage. Larchet lands an elbow from inside the clinch and then Breese reverses the position and has Larchet up against the cage. They break. Breese throws a body kick which is caught and Larchet again presses Breese against the cage. Breese shrugs him off and throws him to the mat and has hold of his neck.

Round Two – Straight right from Breese lands. Larchet lands a body kick but eats a combo from Breese. They clinch and Larchet pushes Breese against the cage. Although Breese is the bigger man Larchet is showing his strength in this one so far. Breese able to work for the takedown then they get up and Larchet scores a takedown of his own. Breese able to lock in a triangle and lands some elbows with Larchet trying to defend. Larchet moves out of the triangle and escapes and is looking for a leg. Both guys fighting for position and Breese takes down Larchet with just over a minute remaining in this round. Breese gets full mount and starts dropping some heavy shots. Larchet spins to his back but Breese spins him round and keeps landing shots.

Round Three – Larchet rushes forward but Breese gets the clinch. Larchet able to reverse the position and has Breese pressed against the cage. Breese throws some knees. Breese lands a body kick just south of the belt. Breese lands a knee to the body and then a hard kick and Larchet clinches clearly in pain. Breese take Larchet down and is on top position. Larchet trying to get to his feet. Breese takes full mount and throws some big shots but Larchet is desperately working to get back to his feet and out of a tough position. Breese able to get the hooks in and take Larchet’s back looking for the rear naked choke. With seconds of the fight remaining Larchet taps.

Tom Breese def Thibaud Larchet by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:57 of Round Three

Andy Manzolo vs. Bola Omoyele
Middleweight Bout

Round One – Leg kick from Omoyele and another. Manzolo rushes forward but looses position and is pressed up against the cage. Omoyele is able to take him down to the ground. Omoyele lands some shots from the top but Manzolo able to defend. Omoyele starts to rain down some elbows and Manzolo is struggling to get out of this position. Omoyele takes full mount. Omoyele stays in top control for the last minute of the round with Manzolo trying to defend and keep him close.

Round Two – Omoyele lands a nice combo and then gets the clinch and drops Manzolo with a knee. Manzolo holding on for life on the ground and Omoyele smells blood. Omoyele in top control with over three minutes of the round remaining. Omoyele gets back to his feet and allows Manzolo back up. Omoyele seems very calm in there and Manzolo just seems tense and unable to let his hands/feet go. Omoyele lands a leg kick. Manzolo throws a flurry and gets Omoyele up against the cage but gets clinched and eats a knee. Omoyele takes Manzolo down but Manzolo able to reverse and attacks the arm. With seconds to go Omoyele is able to survive an armbar attempt.

Round Three – Manzolo lands a few punches and then Omoyele lands a leg kick. Both men look exhausted and they clinch and Manzolo takes down Omoyele and goes straight to the back. He attempts a rear naked choke but Omoyele escapes. Manzolo remains in control on the back of Omoyele and is starting to land some heavy shots and the referee stops the bout.

Andy Manzolo def Bola Omoyele by TKO (Strikes) at 2:07 of Round Three

Pannie Kianzad vs. Eeva Siiskonen
CWFC Women’s Bantamweight World Title Bout

Round One – Kianzad lands a big overhand right. Siiskonen catches a kick and lands a leg kick of her own. Kianzad scores a takedown. Siiskonen throws the legs up from her back trying to get something in motion but Kianzad postures up. Siiskonen then takes an arm but Kianzad keeps calm and pops her arm out of danger. Kianzad takes top control but referee Marc Goddard stands them up as not much was happening. Kianzad looks more comfortable on the feet and lands a few shots but nothing too damaging to her opponent.

Round Two – Kianzad lands a nice left hook followed by a front kick to the body. Nice combo from Kianzad. Siiskonen doesn’t seem to have much on the feet for Kianzad. Another nice combo from Kianzad and follows up with a leg kick. Kianzad pushing the pace on the feet and the effects of taking the fight at short notice slowly starting to show for Siiskonen. Few body shots landed from Kianzad and not much landed by Siiskonen.

Round Three – Kianzad comes out fast and lands some nice combos and has Siiskonen up against the cage. They break from the cage and Kianzad continues to land kicks and punches. Siiskonen seems to just be in survival mode now. Kianzad presses her against the cage but gets reversed and its Siiskonen looking for a takedown. Kianzad too strong and reverses Siiskonen against the cage. Few more knees thrown by Kianzad and a few shots before the bell stops the round.

Round Four – Kianzad tries for a takedown but Siiskonen is able to defend and get Kianzad against the cage, but the position is reversed. Kianzad throws some knees to the legs of Siiskonen and keeps the pressure on her. They break and Kianzad lands a left and a body shot. Leg kick from Kianzad slaps the thigh of Siiskonen. Nice combo landed by Kianzad. Siiskonen shoots but eats a knee to the stomach for her troubles and is pressed up against the cage again.

Round Five – Kianzad gets the takedown but Siiskonen quickly gets to her feet. Some cage control from Siiskonen. Kianzad reverses the position and throws some knees. Siiskonen scores a takedown and has half the round left to work. Kianzad able to get up easily and the fight is standing again which doesn’t bode well for Siiskonen. With a minute to go Kianzad pushes Siiskonen up against the cage and there isn’t much Siiskonen can do.

Pannie Kianzad def Eeva Siiskonen by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) to become the CWFC Women’s Bantamweight World Champion

Saul Rogers vs. Mick Sinclair
Lightweight Bout

Round One – Rogers lands a nice right early and they clinch. Sinclair lands a big slam and takes top control. Rogers gets up and lands a slam of his own. Rogers controlling from the top but Sinclair defending nicely. Rogers lands a few nice shots but Sinclair pulls him back into his guard. Rogers tries a submission but Sinclair is able to get on top of Rogers. Rogers gets back up and keeps a leg and lands a single leg. Rogers works round to his back as the clock ticks down.

Round Two – Rogers lands a leg kick then shoots for the takedown but Sinclair defends and has Rogers up against the cage. Sinclair able to wrestle Rogers to the ground and takes his back but Rogers able to escape and takes Sinclair down with a great level switch. Sinclair gets back up but is taken down quickly. Sinclair works his way up but Rogers again takes him down having kept hold of his leg. Rogers keeps on top for the majority of the round.

Round Three – Sinclair starts the round with a nice leg kick then a head kick. Rogers shoots and takes down Sinclair. Sinclair motions to the referee to try and get Rogers to break his control. Rogers dominating Sinclair in this final frame and there isn’t much Sinclair can do with Rogers on top of him. Sinclair is able to get back and scores a takedown of his own with two minutes remaining. Rogers scores some more takedowns and is really dominating the final minutes of this fight.

Saul Rogers def Mick Sinclair by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Steve McCombe vs. Nathaniel Wood
140lb Catchweight Bout

Round One – McCombe shoots for a takedown but Wood’s sprawls and lands a few shots. Back to their feet. McCombe shoots again but no luck. Wood’s lands a big leg kick. Big kick to the nuts from Wood’s stops the action. McCombe lands a combo and Wood’s scores with a huge body kick to stop the fight.

Nathaniel Wood def Steve McCombe by verbal submission (forearm broken) at 2:33 of Round One

Pelu Adetola vs. Darren Stewart
Light Heavyweight Bout

Round One – Adetola throws a leg kick which gets caught and Stewart pushes him up against the cage. Stewart throws a head kick which is blocked. Stewart tries a superman punch but Adetola gets his hands up to protect himself. Stewart pushes Adetola against the fence but he breaks free. Nice combo by Adetola. Adetola catches a body kick but Stewart lands a flurry then a knee and some more strikes and Marc Goddard steps in to stop the fight.

Darren Stewart def Pelu Adetola by TKO at 2:24 of Round One

Paul Marin vs. Scott Pooley
Flyweight Bout

Round One – Pooley throws a head kick off the bell but doesn’t land. Marin catches a kick and throws a right. Pooley tries some spinning stuff but Marin brushes him off. Pooley lands a few leg kicks but Marin catches one and takes him down but Pooley gets back up quickly. Pooley tries another kick but gets put on the mat but is able to grab Marin’s leg in a tight leg lock. Marin is able to escape without much difficulty. Marin takes Pooley down but isn’t inflicting much damage from the top control. Marin gets up from top position and lands a few kicks to the leg.

Round Two – Pooley is relying heavily on the leg kicks which keep getting caught. Lovely takedown from Marin, a judo style throw. Marin again lets Pooley back up. Marin lands a nice combo finishing with a nasty shot to the body. Marin lands a huge right which rocks Pooley against the cage and swarms him which forces the referee to jump in.

Paul Marin def Scott Pooley by TKO (strikes) at 1:55 of Round Two

James Hurrell vs. Carl Kinslow
Light Heavyweight Bout

Round One – Both guys swinging early. Kinslow keeping centre of the cage. Hurrell biting down on his mouthpiece. Nice combo landed by Hurrell. Kinslow scores a big left. Big body shot from Kinslow and another for good measure. Kinslow pushes him against the cage and lands another big body shot. Two big lefts from Kinslow hurt Hurrell who clinches to try and catch a break. Both guys swinging for the fences. Kinslow lands another big left which hurts Hurrell. Hurrell moving slowly not sure if the weight cut has affected him. Kinslow lands another body shot which hurts Hurrell. Big left against the cage and some more body shots but Hurrell is tough. Hurrell has a burst with ten seconds left but Kinslow lands a left hook which took Hurrell down to the mat as the bell for the round sounded.

Round Two – Kinslow with pressure from the bell and again looking for those body shows which worked so well in the first. Kinslow avoids a flurry from Hurrell and then stops the takedown attempt. Hurrell drops Kinslow and takes the back and sinks in a rear naked choke for the victory.

James Hurrell def Karl Kinslow by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:40 of Round Two

Emma Delaney vs. Anna Elmose
Women’s Bantamweight Bout

Round One – Elmose starts fast and gets the clinch and drops Delaney with a big left. Elmose then swarms her opponent until ref Rich Mitchell stops the action.

Anna Elmose def Emma Delaney by TKO (referee stoppage) at 0:19 of Round One

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