Cage Warriors 72 – Live Play by Play

Ben Harrison Vs Ian Dalby
125lb Amateur Bout

Round One – Dalby starts with a few leg kicks and Harrison lands the takedown. Dalby holds a head but Harrison gets out. Harrison takes side control then tries a guillotine himself and gives up the position. Dalby tries a guillotine but gives up the position but quickly retakes control locks in a triangle and gets the tap.

Ian Dalby def Ben Harrison by submission (Triangle) at of 2:41 Round One

Lawrence Tracey Vs Ryan Legge
170lb Amateur Bout

Round One – Tracey lands an overhand right and the two grapple. Legge gets pressed against the cage and Tracey works for a takedown but Legge defends. Legge lands a nice right and manages to get Tracey down onto his back but Tracey reverses and gets into his guard. Legge doing some nice work from the bottom. Legge throwing his legs up for the triangle but the round ends with Tracey on top.

Round Two – Legge comes out strong and lands a few nice shots but Tracey gets him up against the cage. Tracey again manages to maintain top position on the ground but Legge very active off his back and keeps looking for the triangle.

Round Three – Legge lands a big head kick and attempts a takedown but Tracey able to stuff it and takedown Legge. Tracey takes the back quickly and Legge is in trouble. Legge able to reverse it but Tracey gets up only to be taken down. Tracey then takes down Legge. Legge quickly locks in a triangle and Tracey is in trouble. He manages to submit him with the triangle.

Ryan Legge def Lawrence Tracey by submission (Triangle) at 1:25 of Round Three

Sean Scrivens Vs Aidan James
135lb Amateur Bout

Round One – Nice combo landed by James. Both guys feeling each other out. Another nice combo from James. James throwing some excellent combos early and Scrivens not getting out of the way. James hears the clacker and goes for it with 10 seconds left but the bell saves Scrivens.

Round Two – James upping the tempo and landing combos at will as Scrivens fire fights to stay out the way. Scrivens manages to get through with a few of his own and takes down James. James grabs an arm and armbars his way to victory.

Aidan James def Sean Scrivens by submission (Armbar) at 2:31 of Round Two

Simon Maksimovic Vs Jack Shore
155lb Amateur Bout

Round One – Shore goes for a takedown straight away and manages to take down Maksimovic. Maksimovic tries to get back up but Shore presses him hard against the cage and gets him back down. Shore overwhelming Maksimovic who is struggling to do anything offensive so far. Shore throws some shots from the top and has full mount. Very dominant round for Jack Shore.

Round Two – Shore scores a very quick takedown and Maksimovic grabs his neck. Shore very dominant on top and showing off some great jiu jitsu. Shore explodes and drops some serious bombs from the top. Maksimovic just about defending himself. A huge 10-8 round for Shore who is so close to the finish.

Round Three – Shore shoots straight away for a takedown. Maksimovic reverses and presses Shore against cage but Shore reverses it with ease. Shore takes him down again. Shore has great jiu jitsu and is able to maintain top control with Maksimovic unable to shake him off. Shore dropping some big punches. Marc Goddard paying close attention.

Jack Shore def Simon Maksimovic by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Amanda Kelly Vs LJ Adams
135lb Bout

Round One – Kelly lands few nice leg kicks then gets taken down by Adams. Kelly trying to get up and Adams keeping the pressure on her. Kelly gets back to her feet but Adams is relentless in trying to get her back down. Kelly manages to break away and now is her chance to land some strikes. Kelly landing some elbows when Adams tries again to take her down. Nice combo and kick from Kelly and again Adams shoots. Adams scores the takedown again.

Round Two – Kelly throws a few leg kicks and Adams grabs a leg and presses her against the cage trying for a takedown. Adams takes Kelly down and smothers her. Kelly nearly gets back up but Adams takes her back to the mat. Adams lands a nice right from the top and takes full mount. Big shots from the top from Adams and Kelly just about surviving. Adams sinks in a rear naked choke but lets it go and continues to rain down shots. Big round for Adams possibly 10-8.

Round Three – Adams lands a big left to start the round and Kelly returns with some leg kicks and hand combos. Adams senses danger and immediately shoots and presses Kelly against the cage. Adams just doesn’t give in with these takedown attempts. Adams gets on top of Kelly and much like the first two rounds its going to be an uphill struggle for Kelly to get to her feet. Adams manages to take the back and sink in the rear naked choke to win.

LJ Adams def Amanda Kelly by submission (RNC) at 3:33 of Round Three

Damien Weeden Vs Phil Raeburn
139lb Catchweight Bout

Round One – Raeburn tries to earn a spinning kick bonus with the first move of the fight but misses. Both guys come out strong throwing everything they can and Weeden scores the takedown. Both get back to their feet. Raeburn takes down Weeden who springs back up. Both fighters throwing full force with everything and then Raeburn scores a huge takedown which gets reversed and Weeden ends up on top. Raeburn reverses but Weeden gets up. Raeburn lands some big shots against the cage. Both these guys going for it and swinging for the fences. Raeburn has a guillotine but Weeden lifts him over his head and slams him down. Raeburn then gets up and unleashes on Weeden who falls against the cage and the ref calls it off.

Phil Raeburn def Damien Weeden by TKO (Strikes) at 3:15 of Round One

Paulina Bonkowska Vs Kate Jackson
125lb Bout

Round One – Jackson lands some nice jabs early but Bonkowska responds. Bonkowska with a few nice combos. Jackson presses Bonkowska against the cage. Throws a few nice knees. Jackson roughing up Bonkowska in the clinch. Throws some nice knees to the body and then some elbows. Lands a nice uppercut and Bonkowska isn’t responding. Jackson laying it on now. Some more knees and elbows and Bonkowska’s corner throws in the towel.

Kate Jackson def Paulina Bonkowska by TKO (Corner throws in the towel)at 4:05 of Round One

Nick Nembhard Vs Simas Norkus
205lb Bout

Round One – Neither guy engaging early, both guys feeling each other out. Norkus eats a few shots and gets Nembhard up against the cage. Norkus happy to wait for Nembhard to come forward. Norkus lands a leg kick. Nembhard lands a leg kick. Norkus content with waiting for an opening but not rushing into anything. Not much to report in the first round a feeling out process. Have to give it to Nembhard for his flurry he landed early on.

Round Two – Nembhard lands a nice right hand to get things started in round two. He then lands a left and is starting to press on to Norkus who has taken the centre of the cage. Norkus starts to pressure a bit more but is getting tagged by Nembhard when he comes in. Norkus trying to get his hands on Nembhard but Nembhard is moving well. Nembhard lands a nice right after ducking under Norkus’s attack. I score that round to Nembhard.

Round Three – Norkus needs more urgency in this round. Norkus lands a left but misses with a knee. Norkus goes for a takedown and lands some knees up against the cage. Nut shot stops the action. Hard leg kick from Nembhard. Nembhard with some Clay Guida type movement. Norkus gets hit hard with a right hand. Norkus presses for another takedown but Nembhard moves away and lands another right hand.

Nick Nembhard def Simas Norkus by split decision

Azi Thomas Vs Mario Saeed
155lb Bout

Round One – Mario lands some kicks early. Mario throws a spinning kick but Thomas moves out the way. Mario shoots and Thomas takes his neck but Mario breaks free and takes side control. Thomas gets back to his feet but Mario takes him down again. Mario in his guard. Thomas throwing some shots from the bottom. Mario maintains top control but isn’t throwing a great deal of strikes, Thomas constantly moving and looking to get back up. Thomas knocks out Mario with an up kick but questions as to if it was legal or not. It was illegal. Thomas is disqualified.

Mario Saeed def Azi Thomas by disqualification (Illegal Up Kick) at 3:52 of Round One

Jordan Desborough Vs Kris Edwards
135lb Bout

Round One – Nice kick from Edwards early. Edwards gets the takedown. Edwards controlling from the top but not throwing anything so far. Desborough reverses and takes top control. Desborough takes Edwards neck but that allows him to stand and reverses Desborough into the cage. Knees to the leg from Edwards. Desborough catches Edwards with a right hook as the two separate. Desborough pushes Edwards against the cage. Desborough ends the round with Edwards up against the cage.

Round Two – Edwards shoots in but Desborough reverses it. Edwards quickly back to his feet. Up against the cage Desborough lands some knees to the legs. Goddard separates the action against the cage. Desborough lands a hard kick. Big kick from Desborough and Edwards counters with a straight right. Back up against the cage which is where most of the fight has taken place. Edwards lands a fantastic four punch combo and then takes down Desborough only for it to be reversed.

Round Three – Desborough attempts a takedown but Edwards has good defence to stuff it. Desborough pushes him against the cage and then Edwards splits. Desborough lands a big kick and Edwards replies with a nice combo. Desborough shoots in and takes Edwards down. Edwards gets back to his feet but Desborough presses him against the cage. Edwards gets Desborough down and unleashes some big shots on him much to the fans delight. Desborough rolls out and takes top control. Edwards defends an arm bar attempt but Desborough maintains top control. Desborough jumps on Edwards back with 10 seconds to go but cant get the submission.

Jordan Desborough def Kris Edwards by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Steve Dinsdale Vs Lew Long
170lb Bout

Round One – Dinsdale slams Long down to the ground but Long springs back up. Dinsdale working Long against the cage. Dinsdale lands a left as he ducks out of the way of a Long strike. Long has great head movement. Long catches a leg and returns a hard kick. Dinsdale lands a hard left and then presses Long against the cage. Dinsdale drops Long with a left hook and swarms on him. Long just about surviving on the bottom. Dinsdale lets him back up. Dinsdale gets Long down again after a stuffed takedown attempt. Long hasn’t recovered fully from being dropped. Long lands a nice combo on Dinsdale. Long looks hurt after being dropped early in the round.

Round Two – Long lands a power double to open the round and quickly gets the back of Dinsdale. Sinks in a rear naked choke but doesn’t quite have it locked in. Long tries again but Dinsdale is fighting hard. Third time lucky maybe? Long sinks it in again and this time its too much for Dinsdale. What a fight.

Lew Long def Steve Dinsdale by TKO (Strikes) at 2:35 of Round Two

Mateusz Gamrot Vs Tim Newman
155lb Bout

Round One – Gamrot grabs a leg but Newman defends the takedown. Gamrot takes down Newman. Gamrot locks up a heel hook and its tight. He submits Newman by heel hook.

Mateusz Gamrot def Tim Newman by submission (Heel Hook) at 1:30 of Round One

Che Mills Vs Jack Marshman
185lb Bout

Round One – Mills lands a leg kick and takes control of the cage. Marshman lands a nice combo. Mills with a great straight left. Both guys swing wildly and Marshman is saved by the cage but manages to stay up. Mills works and scores a trip takedown. Marshman reverses and takes side control. Mills able to get back to his feet and he lands a flurry. They break and Marshman is bloodied up. Marshman shoots for a double but Mills stays upright. Mills lands an elbow and they break. Mills shoots for a takedown and has Marshman up against the fence. Big round for Mills. Great fight so far.

Round Two – Marshman lands a nice combo and throws a knee which Mills just escaptes from. Marshman lands a huge shot which drops Mills and swarms him to stop Mills. This place goes nuts.

Jack Marshman def Che Mills by TKO (Strikes) at 1:13 of Round Two

Cory Tait Vs Toni Tauru
135lb Title Bout

Round One – Nice kick from Tauru. Nice kick from Tait and Tauru slips to the ground. They clinch but Tait remains on his feet. Tauru scores a takedown but Tair reverses. Both men back to their feet. Nice kick from Tait and Tauru ducks under and takes him to the ground. Tauru takes top control. Tauru working from the top and keeping Tait on the ground. Tait reverses late on and grabs Tauru’s neck.

Round Two – Tait lands a nice leg kick and is getting loose with his stand up now. Another hard leg kick from Tait but Tauru presses him against the cage. Big overhand right from Tait but doesn’t follow it up with anything significant. Nice left from Tait in the pocket and a low blow from Tauru halts the action. Tauru lands a big knee on Tait. Tait goes for a capoeira kick but Tauru just pushes him to the ground. Tauru drops Tait and swarms on top of him. Tauru gets side control and lands some more shots from the top. Tait able to ride out the rest of the round.

Round Three – Tauru landing some precise strikes which seems to have hurt Tait. Tait backing up and Tauru putting the pressure on him. Tauru goes for a takedown which Tait avoids. Big elbow inside from Tauru against the fence. Tauru takes down Tait again and Tait is really struggling with Tauru’s grappling. Tauru moves into side control and is looking for an arm. Tait grabs an arm of Tauru and looks for an arm bar but Tauru picks him up and drops him straight on his head. Tauru resumes top control. Round for Tauru in my books.

Round Four – Tauru lands a stiff shot and has Tait against the cage. Tauru just ragdolls Tait to the ground from a back control. Tait is struggling with Tauru’s grappling. Tauru dominating from the top. Tauru takes Tait’s back. Locks in a rear naked choke and taps Tait with 16 seconds remaining.

Toni Tauru def Cory Tait by submission at 4:44 of Round Four to become the Cage Warriors Bantamweight Champion

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