Cage Warriors 69 – Super Saturday – Play by Play

MAIN CARD PART TWO | 9pm BST local time (4pm ET, 1pm PT)
Stevie Ray @StevenRayMMA vs. Curt Warburton @CurtWarburton – vacant CWFC lightweight title bout 155lbs
Ref – Marc Goddard
Round One – Feeling out process early on. Both guys throwing leg kicks with little landing. Big kick landed from Ray and Warburton immediately returned. Leg kick from Ray followed by a big left which Warburton avoids. Ray lands a nice left hook and tries to follow it up with a left high kick. Ray lands another nice left and Warburton counters with a combo of his own.

Round Two – Crazy exchange with Warburton winning it but Ray landed a big shot which hurt Warburton. Nice body kick from Ray and follows it up with another. Ray tries for an overhand right but misses his target. Leg kick from Ray. Stiff kick from Warburton. Ray looks very sharp. Big left from Ray. Straight left from Ray. Great round.

Round Three – Nasty leg kick from Warburton. Straight right from Warburton lands. Ray lands a big left hook. Body kick from Warburton. High kick landed by Ray. Warburton lands a head kick but Ray pounces on him. Spinning heel kick from Ray narrowly misses its target. Close round possibly swaying towards Warburton.

Round Four – Back and forth leg kicks and then Ray hits a body kick. Ray pressing the action a bit more than Warburton which could play big on the scorecards if it goes the distance. Ray goes for a takedown but is shrugged off by Warburton. Blood coming from the nose of Ray as Warburton’s jabs are paying off. Ray goes for a single leg but Warburton gets away. Ray swinging widely hoping to land something big. Spinning heel kick from Ray lands but not hard enough to do any damage.

Round Five – Leg kick by Warburton. Ray loading up on the jab. Ray takes down Warburton but Warburton gets to his feet quickly. Ray loading up for a spinning heel kick but Warburton reads the signs and circles away. Head kick by Ray and Warburton returns with a body kick. Warburton blocks a head kick from Ray. Ray lands a nice left jab. Both guys swinging at the end but neither landing. Great fight.

Stevie Ray def Curt Warburton by split decision to become Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion

Jack Marshman @JackMarshman vs. Bola Omoyele @BolaOmoyelemma Middleweight 185lbs
Ref – Marc Goddard
Round One – Marshman loading up the jab. Omoyele lands a big leg kick. They clinch and Marshman presses Omoyele against the cage. Omoyele reverses and then they seperate. Omoyele throws a big overhand right but Marshman gets out of the way. Omoyele lands some big kneeds from the clinch and then gets Marshman down. Omoyele takes top control. Omoyele controlling from the top. Marshman struggling to get to his feet. Omoyele raining down some big shots and Marshman really struggling from his back. And just like that Marshman gets an arm and submits Omoyele.

Jack Marshman def Bola Omoyele by submission (Armbar) at 4:51 of Round One

Benny Alloway @Bennyblancomma vs. Mohsen Bahari @BahariMohsen Welterweight 170lbs
Ref – Rich Mitchell
Round One – Alloway takes the centre of the cage. Alloway lands a body kick. A straight right from Alloway rocks Bahari who immediately clinches. Alloway presses Bahari against the cage. Bahari lands some nice jabs but Alloway remains in control of the cage. Bahari tries for the takedown and succeeds lifting Alloway high into the air. Alloway gets back to the feet and the round ends with both guys swinging.

Round Two – Alloway tries a head kick but its blocked by Bahari. Bahari presses Alloway against the cage and lands some knees. Not much to report in that round.

Round Three – Bahari lands a few nice shots as they exchange. Alloway pressing forward but not doing a great deal. Alloway bleeding pretty heavily. Neither guy really pulling the trigger in this one. Alloway lands a nice left hook and cant seem to get the follow up.

Mohsen Bahari def Benny Alloway by split decision

Jake Bostwick @JakeBostwick vs. Simeon Thoresen @Simeonthegrin Welterweight 170lbs
Ref – Rich Mitchell
Round One – Thoresen with a high kick blocked by Bostwick. Body kick from Thoresen. Bostwick with a left jab and then follows it with a big overhand right and a leg kick. Another leg kick buckles Thoresen. Thoresen shoots but Bostwick moves out the way. Leg kick from Thoresen. Bostwick hunting him down. Bostwick with a big overhand right which clips the side of Thorsen’s head but then Thorsen takes Bostwick down. Thoresen takes full mount and unloads punches on Bostwick. Round ends with Thorsen on top of Bostwick. Great back and forth round.

Round Two – Thoresen tries to get the takedown but Bostwick shrugs him off and goes after him. They exchange leg kicks. Big uppercut from Bostwick hurts Thoresen who immediately goes for the takedown which he manages to get. Thoresen dominating on top and Bostwick struggling to get back to his feet. Bostwick nearly breaks free but Thoresen swarms on him. Thoresen takes full mount and rains down strikes. Thoresen working for an arm bar but Bostwick showing a lot of heart to ride it out until the end of the round.

Round Three – Thoresen shoots again but Bostwick easily avoids the shot. Thoresen shoots again but again Bostwick moves. And again. Bostwick lands a big shot on him as he goes down. Thoresen again shoots but doesn’t get close. Thoresen finally gets a leg and trips Bostwick but Bostwick is straight back up. Thoresen desperate for a takedown but Bostwick is not giving in. Referee warns Thoresen. Bostwick stalking down Thoresen looking for a big shot. Bostwick lands a huge shot as again Thoresen shoots. Bostwick lands big and Thoresen falls to the floor. More exhausted than anything.

Jake Bostwick def Simeon Thoresen by majority decision

Bruno Carvalho @BrunoCarvalhoJJ vs. Jack Mason @JackStoneMason Welterweight 170lbs
Ref – Marc Goddard
Round One – Mason eats a left as he tries to shoot in on Carvalho. Mason trying to find his range. Carvalho presses forward and Mason eats a right hand. Big left and right from Carvalho. Mason lands a big right hand. Nice combo from Mason. Mason having some success with the left hand. Carvalho lands a knee as the two clinch but Mason breaks away. Mason with a nice left jab. Mason lands a leg kick before the end of the round.

Round Two – Carvalho lands a big left that rocks Mason and Carvalho jumps onto his opponent. Mason gets back to his feet. Nice leg kick from Mason. Mason gets a body lock as Carvalho rushes in and has him pressed against the cage. Nice straight right from Mason as he avoids a leg kick from Carvalho. Nice left followed by a right which tags Carvalho. Mason getting loose with his combos now and keeps looking for the big overhand right. Two nice left jabs from Mason to end the round.

Round Three – Carvalho lands some kicks to the leg as Mason continues to try and land that left jab. Carvalho lands a nice left hook which wobbles Mason. Mason continues to press forward. Combo landed by Mason. Left landed by Mason after Carvalho throws a kick. Mason lands another left and Carvalho hasnt had much success this round. Wild exchange at the end and Mason lands a nice right hand.

Jack Mason def Bruno Carvalho by split decision

Martin Delaney @Diesel_DNFT vs. Damir Hadzovic @DamirHadzo Lightweight 155lbs
Ref – David Swann
Round One – Delaney throws a head kick which is blocked. Hadzovic lands a big right and then drops Delaney with another. Delaney presses Hadzovic against the cage as he tries to clear the cobwebs. Delaney works hard for a takedown against the cage but just cant seem to find it. Delaney pressures Hadzovic against the cage but cant take him down. As they break Hadzovic lands some nasty shots which rock Delaney.

Round Two – Delaney shoots for a takedown early and gets Hadzovic pressed up against the cage. Delaney gets Hadzovic down but he gets back up quickly and Delaney tries again to take him down by Hadzovic winds up on top. Hadzovic dropping big shots from top position. Hadzovic not letting Delaney back up from the ground but not proving too much threat from the top either.

Round Three – Hadzovic comes out strong and lands a high kick on Delaney. Delaney tries a high kick but slips on the mat and Hadzovic quickly smothers his opponent on the ground. Delaney makes his way back to his feet but Hadzovic quickly takes him down again. Hadzovic has Delaney out flat on his front but is unable to capitalise. Hadzovic working from the top and Delaney looks tired.

Damir Hadzovic def Martin Delaney by unanimous decision (29-28)

MAIN CARD PART ONE | 6pm BST local time (1pm ET, 10am PT)
Jack Hermansson @_Jack_The_Joker vs. Norman Paraisy @NormanParaisy – vacant CWFC middleweight title bout 185lbs
Ref – Marc Goddard
Round One – Both guy trying to figure our their range early on. Paraisy lands a leg kick and then they clinch but Paraisy breaks away. Hermansson starts to unload and Paraisy shoots for the takedown. Hermansson ends up on top but Paraisy gets back to his feet. Paraisy looking a bit bloodied up already. Hermansson lands a nice straight right hand. And then knocks down Paraisy with another right and jumps on top of the Frenchman. Hermansson takes the back of Paraisy and lands some heavy shots from the top. Paraisy tries to get back up but Hermansson keeps him on his back for the duration of the round. Undoubtably Hermansson’s round.

Round Two – Paraisy comes out with a bit more steam behind him but gets caught with a nice punch from Hermansson. Hermansson throws a nice combo ending with an uppercut. Hermansson controlling the cage and pushing the pace. Body shots from Hermansson wearing down Paraisy. Nice combo from Hermansson again and Paraisy manages to get a takedown. Paraisy looks to be breathing heavily. Hermansson gets back to his feet. Big combo rocks Paraisy and Hermansson swarms on top of him on the mat. Hermansson dropping elbows from the top. Hermansson smothers Paraisy who is trying to make his way back up to his feet.

Round Three – Hermansson just seems on step ahead of Paraisy at each exchange. Paraisy eats a right walking forward. Hermansson gets a body grip and tries for the takedown. Short elbows from Hermansson hurt Paraisy and Hermansson continues to pile on the pressure. Hermansson takes Paraisy’s back on the ground after dragging his opponent down. Paraisy back to his feet but Hermansson stalks him down. Two big rights nearly drop Paraisy who is on wobbly legs. Hermansson gets Paraisy down again and smothers him from the top draining the Frenchman of any energy he has left.

Round Four – Hermansson starts by unloading on Paraisy who is only finding success with leg kicks at the moment. The Frenchman seems drained of energy and Hermansson takes him down and gets the back but Paraisy manages to get back to his feet. Hermansson swinging at Paraisy who wisely circles out of the way. Hermansson takes Paraisy down with ease and smothers him. Hermansson takes the back and the Frenchman is hanging on for survival. Hermansson locks in a rear naked choke but Paraisy fights his way out. Hermansson on top now landing strikes. Hermansson takes full mount. Hermansson unloading on Paraisy who is just trying to stay in this one. Hermansson takes the back again sinks in a rear naked choke. But Paraisy still trying to break free. Third time lucky as Hermansson ges the submission win.

Jack Hermansson def Norman Paraisy by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:49 of Round Four to become Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion

Joanna Jedrzejczyk @JJedrzejczykMMA vs. Rosi Sexton @RosiSexton Flyweight 125lbs
Ref – Rich Mitchell
Round One – Jedrzejczyk dropped Sexton three times but Sexton shows her toughness in surviving the round.

Round Two – Jedrzejczyk comes out swinging and has Sexton up against the fence. Sexton breathing heavily after a tough first round. Jedrzejczyk gets Sexton down. Jedrzejczyk lands a huge right against the cage and knocks out Sexton.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk def Rosi Sexton by KO (strikes) at 2:36 of Round Two

Damien Brown @Beatdown_Brown vs. Tim Wilde @TimWildeMMA Lightweight 155lbs
Ref – Rich Mitchell
Round One – Both guys feeling each other out and Brown shoots for the double and gets Wilde down but Wilde quick to get back to his feet before Wilde takes down Brown and then secures his back. Brown gets back to his feet and presses Wilde against the cage. Wilde breaks free and the two get back to the centre of the cage. Brown shoots again but Wilde takes Brown down and takes top control. Wilde unloading on Brown from his back and as Brown tries to get back up Wilde lands some nice knees to the body. Eye poke halts the action as Brown looks in pain. Brown recovers and we are back under way. Wilde with a big head kick and Brown struggles to land on Wilde. Wilde trips Brown who then pushes him against the cage. Wilde winning the grappling exchange so far in this one.

Round Two – Wilde engages in the clinch and lands a huge knee which knocks Brown down. Brown just about surviving in this one as Wilde takes control on the ground. Wilde dropping some nasty elbows on Brown. Wilde lets Brown back up. Wilde with a big trip but doesnt follow it up and lets Brown back to his feet. Brown presses Wilde against the cage just trying to get his breath back. Wilde tries a spinning back fist but it allows Brown to take him down. Brown takes side control but Wilde reverses and takes top control. Dominant round for Wilde.

Round Three – Wilde starts the round with some big kicks. Brown lands a few shots and takes down Wilde. Brown keeps control of Wilde and sinks in a rear naked choke but Wilde gets out and slams Brown to the mat. Wilde then gets up and allows his opponent to stand. Brown lands a nice elbow in the clinch but Wilde follows it up with a big head kick then takes Brown down. Wilde tries a traingle but is unsuccessful and Brown takes top control. Some back and forth work on the ground ends with Wilde on top and the two fighters get to their fight as the whistle goes. Great fight.

Tim Wilde def Damien Brown by unanimous decision (29-28)

Arnold Allen @Arnoldbfa vs. Marcin Wrzosek @PolishZombieMMA Featherweight 145lbs
Ref – David Swann
Round One – Allen lands a nice left. Leg kick from Wrzosek. Wrzosek grabs a leg and nearly takes Allen down but he manages to stay on his feet. Wrzosek holds Allen against the cage. Allen breaks free but then Wrzosek manages to take him down. Allen quickly back up but held against the cage. A knee from Allen gets the seperation but again Wrzosek manages to wrestle Allen to the ground. Allen quick to get back up and lands a nice knee in the clinch. Wrzosek presses Allen against the cage again. Allen trip[s Wrzosek and works from the top with some strikes and elbows. Allen postures up and rains down some strikes and maintains top control. Wrzosek looking for an arm. Allen lands some more strikes from the top to end the round.

Round Two – The two fighters start very quick and an exchange ends with Wrzosek rocking Alen with a big left. Lots of control from Wrzosek in that round after securing a takedown and then keeping Allen pressed against the cage for the duration of the round.

Round Three – Wrzosek is gaining confidence as this one goes on and lands a few nice strikes on Allen before pressing him against the cage again. Wrzosek takes down Allen and then quickly takes the back, but Allen is able to get back to his feet. Allen comes out swinging. Nice straight right from Wrzosek. Wrzosek looking to minimise Allen’s offence by keeping him against the cage. Wrzosek then takes down Allen who again gets to his feet quickly. Wrzosek goes for a takedown and Allen takes his neck but then releases it and Wrzosek maintains top position. Allen takes top control and sinks in an arm in choke but Wrzosek manages to ride it out until the end.

Marcin Wrzosek def Arnold Allen by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Suleiman Bouhata vs. Graham Turner @AfterburnerDNFT Featherweight 145lbs
Ref – Rich Mitchell
Round One – Flying knee from Bouhata but Turner takes it well and gets his opponent against the cage. Turner takes down Bouhata. Turner takes down Bouhata again and stays dominant in top position. Bouhata gets back to his feet and Turner works for another takedown. Left hook from Turner. Tuner keeping Bouhata pressed against the cage and controlling the fight so far. Ref stops the fight to cut some tape from the glove of Bouhata. Bouhata lands a big kick but then Turner immediately presses him against the cage and eventually takes him down. Bouhata gets back to his feet but Turner keeps the pressure on him. Bouhata gets a takedown but Turner ends up on top of him and ends the round in a dominant position.

Round Two – Turner lands a nice left hook and follows it up with a leg kick. He engages the clinch and gets Bouhata up against the cage. Bouhata’s back is red raw from the amound of time he has spent against the cage. Bouhata tries a front kick but Turner moves and lands a nice right. Tuner just seems one step ahead of his opponent. Bouhata grabs the fence as Turner works another takedown. Turner landing plenty of shots against Bouhata who is pressed up against the cage on his knees. Very dominant round for Turner with little coming from Bouhata in the second round.

Round Three – Bouhata needs a finish in this round. Aside from the flying knee to start the Frenchman has struggled to land any effective strikes. Turner lands some nice kicks to break down his opponents base. Tuner lands a huge body shot which crumples Bouhata and a few more unanswered strikes ends this one.

Graham Turner def Suleiman Bouhata by TKO (Strikes) at 1:08 of Round Three

Jason Cooledge @Theanimaljac vs. Brad Wheeler @BradTheCrazyKid Catchweight 158lbs
Ref – David Swann
Round One – Both guys testing their range early on. Wheeler lands a nice combo. Wheeler using his reach advantage. These two happy to keep it standing early. Wheeler landed the more effective strikes and combos. Cooledge shoots for the takedown but Wheeler shrugs him off. Cooledge lands a nice left, right combo. Nice overhand left from Cooledge and Wheeler returns with a flurry. Cooledge again goes for the takedown but Wheeler spraws. Very back and forth first round.

Round Two – Cooledge starts pushing the pace and getting forward but eats a straight left. Wheeler circles from Cooledge’s attacks. Cooledge lands another hard left. Wheeler looking for an uppercut. Cooledge getting in and out with nice two punch combos. Cooledge continues to throw the left and go in with his head down. Wheeler lands a nice left and drops Cooledge with a right and then sinks in a rear naked choke for the win.

Brad Wheeler def Jason Cooledge by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:27 of Round Two

FACEBOOK PRELIMS | 4:30pm BST local time (11:30am ET/8:30am PT)
Brett Caswell @Lil_Ninja01 vs. Spencer Hewitt @Hewittmma Flyweight 125lbs
Ref – Marc Goddard
Round One – Both guys feeling each other out and Hewitt locks up with Caswell and then Caswell presses Hewitt against the cage. Caswell looks for the throw but Hewitt stuffs it. Hewitt presses Caswell agains the cage. Both men trying to gain control. Hewitt lands a leg kick. Both men circling nice but neither being able to land anything big yet. Hewitt lands a nice combo on the way in and then Caswell clinches. Caswell looking for the takedown and drops for a leg lock. Hewitt remains calm. Both men get to their feet. The round ends with both men in the clinch.

Round Two – Caswell lands a nice leg kick and its returned by a kick from Hewitt. Caswell shoots but Hewitt remains on his feet. Caswell manages to lift Hewitt and slam him down to take top position. Hewitt working some elbows from the bottom and Caswell goes for another leg lock. Hewitt eventually taps to the leg lock.

Brett Caswell def Spencer Hewitt by submission (Heel Hook) at 2:09 of Round Two

Kerry Hughes @afcangel vs. Amanda Kelly @AmandaKellyMT Bantamweight 135lbs
Ref – Marc Goddard
Round One – Hughes drops Kelly with a trip at the start but Kelly quick to get to her feet. Hughes landing some strikes then shoots for a takedown but Kelly shrugs her off. Hughes shoots again but Kelly with her back against the cage stuffs the takedown. Hughes still trying to take her down but Kelly has a strong base. Hughes is determined to take down Kelly and continues to push for the takedown. Hughes lands a nice right as she eventually gives up the takedown attempt. Hughes lands some nice rights and then again trys to takedown Kelly. This time Kelly shrugs her off easily and lands some knees in the clinch. Kelly tries to strike but Hughes again shoots for a takedown. Didn’t get the takedown in the end and thats the end of round one.

Round Two – Nice overhand right from Hughes who again goes for another takedown. She just cant seem to get Kelly down to the mat. Kelly getting loose with her hands and leg kicks. Hughes pushes Kelly against the cage but Kelly reverses and lands some knees. Some back and forth striking with Kelly taking a slight advantage on the feet. Hughes hasnt attempted as many takedowns in this round and the majority of the round has been spent on the feet with both girls looking for an opening. Hughes lands a huge right which drops Kelly and with seconds to go rushes in and stops Kelly.

Kerry Hughes def Amanda Kelly by TKO (Strikes) at 4:56 of Round Two

Aaron Blackwell @SmackwellMMA vs. Adam Ventre @AdamVentre1 Bantamweight 135lbs
Ref – David Swann
Round One – Blackwell lands some nice kicks and Ventre shoots for the takedown. Both up against the cage with Ventre looking for the takedown still. Blackwell shakes him off and moves to the centre of the cage. Blackwell lands a nice jab as the two engage. Ventre pressing the action and taking control of the centre of the cage. Blackwell lands a takedown. Ventre gets back to his feet but eats some body shots on the way up. Blackwell lands some more leg kicks. Spinning kick to the body from Blackwell. Blackwell landing more but Ventre controlling the cage more at this point. Ventre shoots again but is unable to takedown Blackwell. Nice kick to the body from Blackwell to end the round.

Round Two – Blackwell lands a nice head kick to start the round. Ventre comes forward with some nice strikes but Blackkwell has great footwork in avoiding most of them. Nice uppercut in the clinch from Blackwell. Blackwell controlling Ventre against the cage. Nice shots on the inside from Blackwell. Ventre lands some shots on the inside and then Blackwell lands a double leg takedown and takes top control. Blackwell landing some strikes from top position. Takes side control. Blackwell lets Ventre back up and hits him with a head kick on the way up.

Round Three – Quick start to the last round with the two exchanging and Blackwell getting the better of the exchanges. Blackwell continues to circle in both directions and Ventre continues to struggle to land on his opponent. Blackwell gets the double leg takedown and Ventre holds on to the neck as they go down. Blackwell pulls his head loose and takes top control right in front of his cornermen. Ventre manages to secure a gullotine which looks super tight but Blackwell manages to get his head free. Both get back to their feet with Ventre looking for an arm and then looking for a takedown. So far he hasnt been able to takedown Blackwell. Blackwell circles away from a pressing Ventre who probably needs a stoppage to win this one.

Aaron Blackwell def Adam Ventre by unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Michael Ravenscroft vs. Darren Stewart @Darren_MMA Light Heavyweight 205lbs
Ref – David Swann
Round One – Leg kick from Stewart, Ravenscroft shoots but Stewart takes top position. Lands a nice elbow. Reigns down some nasty ground and pound. Ravenscroft trying to get back up. More nasty shots from Steart and referee stops the fight due to ground and pound. Ravenscroft not defending himself.

Darren Stewart def Michael Ravenscroft by TKO (Strikes) at 1:23 of Round One

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