Brock Lesnar beats ‘The Streak’ at WrestleMania

Pro-wrestling yearly Super Bowl type event, WrestleMania, took place last night infront of 75,000 people in New Orlean’s Superdrome stadium.

It is massive occasion for the WWE and a former UFC champ caused the upset of the night shocking the fans in attendance and those watching from all over the world.

Brock Lesnar took on the challenger to end The Undertaker’s “streak”, which was up to an impressive 21-0. That means that the pro-wrestling legend has fought at 21 of the previous 29 WrestleMania’s and won every time defeating such icons as Shawn Michaels, Jake The Snake, Kane, King Kong Bundy, Jimmy Snuka, Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair and so on.

Given the storyline nature of pro-wrestling in which the result of every match is predetermined makes this loss all the more shocking. No one ever expected ‘the streak’ to end and for The Undertaker to go out riding high undefeated at the WWE’s premier event. He just turned 49-years-old last month and it is looking likely that last nights match with Brock Lesnar was his last.

So now Brock Lesnar has done what no man could before and that doesn’t leave much left to do in the WWE, apart from getting paid of course.. This could have a knock-on affect as to whether or not he will make a return to MMA. The UFC tweeted a number of times during last nights event including saying “#BEAST” along with a picture of Lesnar following the match.

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