Brittney Palmer’s Husband Nearly Suffocated Her – Arrested

Long-time Octagon girl Brittney Palmer’s husband has been arrested for attempted murder it has been revealed by

There was an alleged argument between the couple that supposedly resulted in him tossing her around and choking her.

“UFC Octagon girl Brittney Palmer’s husband, Aaron Zalewski, allegedly tossed her around like a rag doll and choked her so brutally, he’s been rung up for attempted murder,” according to TMZ Sports.

In apparent documents obtained by TMZ from the LAPD her husband “threw” her and “she hit her head on a bedpost” and then “he wouldn’t let her leave” and “pinned her face down on a mattress” to which she “struggled to breathe.”

If that wasn’t bad enough the husband supposedly began to self harm by scratching his own arm while yelling: “Why are you making me do this? I just wanted you to love me.”

Palmer finally escaped and called the police in the early hours of June 12. They came and arrested Zalewski for “attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats.” Apparently he was released on bail the next day for $1m and the case is currently being processed.

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