BAMMA 24 gets some last minute changes

Some last minute withdrawals have seen the upcoming BAMMA 24 fight card receive some changes.

Bola Omoyele has withdrawn from his bout against Paul Byrne, whilst Chris Fields has had weight issues forcing him to be removed from a Middleweight bout against Andy DeVent.

Due to the changes, Paul Byrne will now fight Andy DeVent and Chris Fields will take on Andrew Clamp at Light Heavyweight.

It’s always unfortunate to see late minute changes to a fight card especially given how hard these guys train and put everything into it but credit to BAMMA and the fighters involved who have changed opponents only two weeks out and luckily all involved bar Omoyele will get to fight in Dublin.

Interesting that Fields couldn’t make Middleweight and a real golden opportunity for Andrew Clamp to come in and take a huge win in Dublin against a big name like Fields.

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