BAMMA 22 Live Play-by-Play & Results

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Tom Duquesnoy vs. Brendan Loughnane
Rd 1- Both men landing hard in the early stages. Tom with punches and a knee, Loughnane retaliates with a hard right. Remainder of the round sees Loughnane land a bit more cleanly.

Rd 2- Tom gets the takedown but isn’t able to do much. Loughnane gets back to his feet and the two trade strikes, neither landing too flush. Very even fight as it goes into round 3.

Rd 3- Once again a very even round. Both throwing some nice strikes, some of which are landing. Barely anything separating them. This round has been mostly fought on the feet. Back and forth. Tom is awarded the split decision.

Chris Fields vs. Christopher Jacqueline
Rd 1- Fields receives a few leg kicks before the grapple on the ground and then against the cage. Neither getting the edge over the other. Fields then goes for a kimura and then an armbar before Jacqueline pops out.

Rd 2- Both men grapple and go to ground, Fields in top control starts landing elbows before getting caught in a triangle and taps.

Alan Philpott vs. Regis Sugden
Rd 1- Both fighters just feeling each other out. Neither landing much in the opening moments of the round. Philpott then starts pressuring a little bit, landing some nice kicks and jabs. Not much else happening in the remainder of the round apart from some flashy kick attempts from both fighters.

Rd 2- Sugden a bit more aggressive in this one. Philpott catches one of his kicks and kicks the other from under him. Sugden jumps backs to his feet and clips Philpott’s chin, dropping him. The Next Gen NI fighter regains his senses quickly and after a scramble they are back on the feet. Some back and forth on the feet, Sugden then catches Philpott again with right. Scramble again on the ground before they stand back up. Bell goes, 1-1 here going into the last round.

Rd 3- Philpott eats a teep to the face early in the third. Not phased though. Philpott having cage control and walking towards Sugden, lands a nice takedown and is in side control. Sugden gets back up and lands a headkick which wobbles Philpott. Final bell, could be anyone’s. But Philpott is awarded the split decision.

Catherine Costigan vs. Celine Haga
Rd 1- Both fighters clinch up and grapple a bit before Haga lands a nice throw and then works from side control. Costigan attempts to get back up and the two grapple. Haga works for a triangle and then an armbar, switching between the two. Eventually Haga a secures a modified armbar to get the win.

Jack Grant vs. Jack McGann
Rd 1- Another first round finish as McGann blitzed Grant with punches. However, Grant did gather himself briefly but then McGann landed a number of punches in the clinch before sending him to the canvas. Jack McGann gets the TKO win.

Conor Cooke vs. Paul Bryne
Rd 1- Byrne attacking the legs with kicks early on. Plenty of faints with the hands from both men, then Byrne goes high with a headkick and lands. It stuns Cooke and then he goes down. Byrne wins via TKO.

Marc Diakese vs. Rick Selvarajah
Rd 1- Diakese with the KO early in the first. Overhand right knocking Selvarajah out cold.

Kane Mousah vs. Myles Price
Rd 1- Mousah and Price circle round, feeling each other out throwing faints. Price then gets the takedown but Mousah gets back up almost immediately. From there they circle again until Mousah clips Price with a hook that sends him down. Mousah pounces but Price has hit wits about him, defends himself well and survives. Price then takes advantage of a controlling error from Mousah and goes for the guillotine. Mousah defends and ends the round on top.

Rd 2- Mousah and Price clinch up early. The Englishman controlling with some wrestling against the cage but often making mistakes allowing Price to take advantage. And he nearly does so a couple of times, once nearly locking on a triangle. Mousah wins the round with control but this is competitive.

Rd 3- Third is pretty much the same as the third. Mousah controlling with grappling but leaving gaps for Price to manoeuvre. Not much offence happening aside from Price elbows from a standing position against the cage. They break and engage in a short flurry before Mousah pushes Price back against the cage. Mousah does enough over the three rounds and gets the unanimous decision.

Sinead Kavanagh vs. Hatice Oyzurt
Rd 1- They start off and meet in the middle. Hatice throws a spinning backfist but is met with a straight right and goes down. Kavanagh follows up with some hammers fists and the ref stops it. Kavanagh by TKO in her very first pro fight.

Frans Mlambo vs. Darren O’Gorman
Rd 1- Two men feel each other out before clinching and grappling against the cage with O’Gorman in control but offering much offence. Mlambo turns position and separates then after landing a body kick throws a right hand straight down the middle knocking O’Gorman down. There’s a bit of confusion as Mlambo puts his hands up as if he won but the referee says continue and Mlambo follows up with two extra punches to put O’Gorman away.

Jonathan Dargan vs. Lukasz Parobiec
Rd 1- Two heavyweights here. Lukasz punishes Dargan up against the cage mixing it up with punches to the body and head. Dargan circles out but Lukasz cuts off the cage. Dargan, with a cut under his right eye, then begins to taunt Lukasz a number of time. The big Polish fighter then pins Dargan against the cage landing blow after blow. The ref then steps in and ends the fight. Lukasz wins by TKO.

John Redmond vs. Rhys McKee
Rd 1- McKee catches a Redmond kick and lands two straights, Redmond’s knees buckle momentarily. Back and forth striking between the two, both landing jabs a straights. Great fight. They then clinch, the much bigger Redmond pushes McKee up against the cage and gets a trip takedown. From here though McKee manoeuvres to Redmond’s back and manages to creep in a rear-naked choke, Redmond forced to tap. Rhys McKee with the big upset.

Adam Caffrey vs. Dylan Tuke
Rd 1- Tuke using his range well to land jabs, kicks and keep Caffrey at bay. Caffrey throwing more but finding it hard to land. They clinch against the cage and end up on the ground with Tuke on top in guard. He works his way around the Caffrey’s back, locks in a body triangle and works for a rear-naked and eventually gets it. Very good performance by Tuke.

Karl Moore vs. Paul Craig
Rd 1- Craig lands two thumping kicks to the body in the opening minute in the round. They then clinch up, Craig then gets a warning for kneeing Moore while he has the three points of contact. They go back at it and Moore lands a nice one-two which stuns Craig. The Scottish fighter then goes for a takedown but ends up being mounted, then gives up his back and manages to survive being choked. Moore ends the round in full mount.

Rd 2- Moore gets caught in a standing guillotine fairly early in the second round. They go to the ground and Craig wraps Moore’s legs up and the FAI fighter taps. Pail Craig wins by guillotine.

Tim Wilde vs. Stephen Coll
Rd 1- Not much happening in the opening moments but then Wilde lands a whipping kick to the body that is echoed through the arena. Very fast with his striking, in and out. Coll having trouble with Wilde’s speed and is getting caught with various strikes. Manages to survive the round but not before eating a knee. Nose busted.

Rd 2- Wilde starts landing more kicks and punches. Coll looks defeated, keeps turning his back and falling to the ground. Just a matter of time before Wilde finishes the fight or the ref ends it. Wilde lands a couple more punches but Coll survives once again.

Rd 3- Not much happening in this round. Coll not being able to land anything and Wilde taking his foot off the pedal slightly but still landing. Coll does poke Wilde in the eye accidentally. Brief halt in the action. The resume and Wilde finishes out the way the whole fight has went. Unanimous decision for Wilde with one judge awarding it a 30-25.

Sean Tobin vs. Mark Andrew
Rd 1- Tentative first round. Tobin catches a knee and pushes Andrew up against the cage. He eventually gets a proper hold, lifts Andrew up and carries him across the cage. Andrew gets back up but Tobin puts him back down. Tobin controls the remainder of the round.

Rd 2- Tentative start again. Tobin obviously looking to get on the inside for the takedown. Andrew lands a nice punch kick combo but no damage done. Tobin does get a takedown and controls Andrew on the ground. For a moment Andrews gets back up and goes for a choke but to no avail. Tobin ends the round in top control.

Rd 3- Andrew down two rounds starts strong landing countless punches and strikes to Tobin whose back is against the cage. Tobin overwhelmed slightly ducks under for a takedown but gets caught by a guillotine. Andrews gets the submission win.

Patrick Wixted vs. Connor Dillon
Rd 1- Very aggressive striking attacks from both fighters. Spinning back kicks from Dillon and Wixted. Dillon having a tough time with Wixted’s range and is looking like he is slowing down.

Rd 2- Dillon throwing overhand rights and eventually lands one that drops Wixted but he immediately gets back up. Dillon clinches and jumps up for a flying armbar, while on the ground they get in a 50/50 position. A stalemate there and the stand back up. Dillon goes for an overhand right again but eats a knee that drops him. Wixted gets the TKO win.

Gerrard Gilmore vs Alexandre Liete
Leite scores his first pro win with a second round triangle. A very competitive grappling fight.

Arnaud Dos Santos Vs Keith Coady
Arnaud suffers an injury (possibly a twisted knee) early in the first round granting Coady the ‘W’

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