BAMMA 19 – Live Play By Play

Live from the Winter Gardens in Blackpool comes BAMMA 19. Headlined by a Lightweight Bout between Martin Stapleton and Jeremy Petley.

Heavyweight Bout
Tom Aspinall Vs Satish Jamia

Round One – Aspinall takes centre of cage pushes Jamia against the cage and lands a left followed by a right hook which drops Jamia and finishes with a few strikes on the ground.

Result – Tom Aspinall def Satish Jamia at 0:09 of Round One by TKO

Featherweight Bout
Mike Grundy Vs Damian Stasak

Round One – Leg kick from Stasak and then Grundy shoots for a takedown which he succeeds in securing. Stasak props back up and Grundy has him up against the cage. Grundy keeps hold of the double leg and takes down Stasak again. Grundy working in the guard and trying to advance to side control. Stasak gets back to his feet but Grundy smothers him and presses him against the cage before securing another takedown. Stasak has hold of the chin of Grundy and threatens him with a guillotine choke but Grundy is able to get himself free and take control from the top. Stasak tries to break free and Grundy is quick to take the back of Stasak but the clock runs out.

Round Two – Grundy throws an overhand right which misses then goes straight for the takedown Stasak hits Grundy with a spinning back kick which drops Grundy and Stasak swarms him with a barrage of shots. Possibly too many but the referee lets the fight carry on and Grundy is able to get back to his feet. Grundy able to get the fight back to the mat and gets into side control. Grundy rains down shots from side control but Stasak able to remove himself from danger and back into guard. Stasak able to secure a triangle choke and gets the tap.

Result – Damian Stasak def Mike Grundy by submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:18 of Round Two

Lightweight Bout
Lewis Monarch Vs. David Johnson

Round One – Johnson tries a high kick to start and Monarch replies with a stiff kick to the body and follows up with a takedown. Johnson able to get back to his feet but Monarch takes him back down. Monarch postures up and lands a big shot from the top. Johnson able to get back to his feet and Monarch engages Monarch with a Thai clinch. The two break and Monarch lands a good right hand. Johnson tries another high kick which is blocked. Monarch lands a nice uppercut against the cage and Johnson tries a hip throw. Monarch is able to take Johnson down and secures a kimura to get the submission victory.

Result – Lewis Monarch def David Johnson by Submission (Kimura) at 2:33 of Round One.

Welterweight Bout
Nathan Jones Vs. Oskar Somerfeld

Round One – Somerfeld lands leg kick to start. Somerfeld attempts a spinning back kick but misses. Jones goes up high with a kick but gets taken down. Somerfeld immediately grabs a leg but Jones breaks free and takes full mount. Somerfeld keeping hold of Jones from the bottom as Jones looks to posture up and lands some shots. Somerfeld sweeps Jones and then picks him up and slams him to the mat. Jones grabs a head and secures a triangle choke which Somerfeld is unable to break free from and he eventually submits.

Result – Nathan Jones def Oskar Somerfeld by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:40 of Round One

Lightweight Bout
Paul Douglas Vs. Damian Frankiewicz

Round One – Douglas lands a few hard shots which make Frankiewicz stumble back into the cage. Frankiewicz clinches but is revered into the cage. Douglas lands some knees against the cage. Frankiewicz breaks the clinch and lands a low leg kick. Frankiewicz able to secure a takedown. Douglas trying to get back to his feet but Frankiewicz keeping him pinned down against the cage. Douglas lands an up kick which breaks Frankiewicz away from him and quickly grabs the neck. Frankiewicz able to roll out of the choke. Douglas maintains control on the ground with side control. Douglas lands some elbows from side control. Douglas sees out the last minute of the fight raining down some nasty elbows and punches from the top but Frankiewicz able to whether the storm.

Round Two – Douglas lands a hard left as the round starts. Frankiewicz shoots and lands a takedown. Douglas working off his back as Frankiewicz tries to progress into a more dominant position. Frankiewicz stands up and Douglas throws another leg kick which is missed and then Douglas is able to get Frankiewicz to the ground and takes full mount. Douglas raining strikes and Frankiewicz gives up his back. Douglas still has three and a half minutes of the round left. Frankiewicz spins back round and Douglas straight back to full mount. Dropping some hard ground and pound on Frankiewicz who is desperately trying to defend himself. Frankiewicz gives up the back again and Douglas has the hooks in. Frankiewicz tries to posture up and Douglas isn’t letting go. Douglas flattens him out and Frankiewicz rolls back onto his back. Douglas in side control and again letting go with his hands and elbows from the top. Frankiewicz throws up his legs but Douglas quick to defend the attack. More ground and pound from Douglas to end the round.

Round Three – Douglas eats a body kick then shoots for the takedown which he is able to secure. Douglas in side control and again throwing some elbows into the face of Frankiewicz. Frankiewicz tries to get into a better position but finds Douglas taking full mount. Douglas throwing plenty of shots but not hard enough to make much impact. The referee stands them up and immediately Frankiewicz shoots for a takedown. He is able to get into full mount. Frankiewicz throwing all he can which makes Douglas spin round and give up his back. Frankiewicz grabs the neck and secures the tap by rear naked choke.

Result – Damian Frankiewicz def Paul Douglas by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:02 of Round Three

Heavyweight Bout
Thomas Denham Vs. Mark Godbeer

Round One – Godbeer lands a low blow straight away. Denham takes a breather. Denham comes in and eats a right but then shoots for a takedown and gets Godbeer down to the mat. Denham hits Godbeer with some uppercuts as Godbeer makes his way to his feet. Godbeer lands a nice left a drop Denham. Godbeer rains down some ground and pound and referee Marc Goddard has seen enough.

Result – Mark Godbeer def Thomas Denham by TKO at 1:33 of Round One

Featherweight Bout
Brendan Loughnane Vs. Steve Polifonte

Round One – Loughnane comes out with a barrage of punches which is blocked by Polifonte. Loughnane and Polifonte exchange leg kicks. Loughnane lands a body kick and tries a back spinning kick which misses the target. Loughnane shoots for a takedown and gets a big takedown. He secures Polifonte’s neck as he tries to get back to his feet. Polifonte then breaks away but eats a shot as he does so. Stiff leg kick from Loughnane. Loughnane lands a low kick. Loughnane having success with his flurries of punches. Big left and right from Loughnane rocks Polifonte and Loughnane presses him against the cage. Loughnane able to get the takedown and moves into side control. Loughnane lands some big elbows and then takes full mount. Loughnane takes the back with ten seconds to go but Polifonte able to ride it out.

Round Two – Loughnane lands a huge spinning back fist and then some big punches which leave Polifonte on wobbly legs. Loughnane then clinches his opponent and pushes him against the cage. Loughnane takes down Polifonte and quickly works to take the back. Polifonte able to get back to his feet but Loughnane still has hold of his dazed opponent. Loughnane now picking his shots and then gets another takedown. Polifonte running out of options. Loughnane back to side control with nearly two minutes of the round left. Polifonte gets back up but Loughnane able to score another takedown.

Round Three – Loughnane starts the round with a big takedown. Polifonte gets back up but Loughnane again works for another takedown. Loughnane smothering Polifonte who is unable to do anything off his back. Loughnane takes full mount. With two minutes of the fight left Loughnane continues to eat shots from the bottom and then gives up his back but shakes off Loughnane. Loughnane with another big takedown and quickly moves to the back of Polifonte. Polifonte pops back up but Loughnane takes him down again and moves into full mount. Polifonte able to survive the punishment but definitely a win for Loughnane.

Result – Brendan Loughnane def Steve Polifonte by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-28)

Heavyweight Bout
Karl Etherington Vs. Kamil Beselak

Round One – Beselak lands three right hands and Etherington clinches him against the cage. Etherington takes down Beselak. Etherington unleashes shots on Beselak from the ground and then takes him down again when Beselak gets to his feet. Beselak gives up his back and Etherington unloads another flurry of punches. Beselak doing everything to get back up but Etherington puts him back on his back. Etherington up on his feet throwing unanswered punches and Beselak is just surviving right now. Etherington again puts Beselak on his back and rains down more strikes. Etherington has his back and turns up the pace. Etherington attempts to take his neck but Beselak rolls out and takes full mount. Beselak raining down his own strikes and the referee has seen enough.

Result – Kamil Beselak def Karl Etherington by TKO (Strikes) at 4:13 of Round One

BAMMA Lonsdale British Middleweight Title Bout
Andy DeVent Vs. Conor Cooke

Round One – DeVent fakes a punch and lands a takedown early. Cooke get back to his feet and DeVent pushes him against the cage. Cooke able to reverse the position and trips DeVent to the mat. DeVent eats a knee as he gets back to his feet. Cooke ducks under a punch and goes for a takedown which DeVent defends. DeVent drops for his own takedown but Cooke defends against the cage. DeVent tries again and takes him down. DeVent takes Cooke’s back and grabs his neck, locks in a rear naked choke and gets the finish.

Result – Andy DeVent def Conor Cooke by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:05 of Round One to become BAMMA Lonsdale British Middleweight Champion

BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Title Bout
Marc Diakese Vs Jack McGann

Round One – Diakese starts with a flying knee and lands a big leg kick. Diakese throwing everything he can early. McGann catches a leg and the lands a big right had. Diakese takes down McGann but McGann gets straight back to his feet. Diakese has him pressed against the cage looking for a takedown. Diakese gets the double leg takedown. McGann back to his feet but again Diakese throws him down to the mat. McGann pops back up and Diakese again tries to get McGann down. Diakese having success with the takedowns early. Diakese lands some strikes to the face as McGann tries to get back to his feet. McGann eagerly trying to stuff the takedown but Diakese relentless. Diakese pulls McGann to the ground but finds himself on his back. McGann now pressuring Diakese on the ground and he quickly takes his back. But time is against him and the clock runs out as Diakese gets back to his feet.

Round Two – Diakese scores an early takedown and swarms on McGann. Diakese into full mount and McGann is eating some shots. McGann makes it back to his feet but Diakese has him pressed against the cage. Diakese uses his strength again to wrestle McGann to the ground but in doing so looses position. McGann now in top control. Diakese pops back up and switches position on McGann and then secures another takedown. McGann unable to deal with the wrestling of Diakese. Diakese working towards taking the back. McGann able to get back to his feet but finds himself pressed against the cage. McGann scores a huge knee what drops Diakese and then grabs the head of Diakese who is out on his feet. McGann then grabs the back secures a rear naked choke. Somehow Diakese survives the end of the round.

Round Three – Diakese slow out the gate and McGann lands a punch which wobbles him. Diakese clearly still dazed from the knee. Somehow Diakese takes down McGann who gets up only to be taken down again. Diakese seems to have recovered from the punishment he absorbed at the end of the second round. Diakese looks for a rear naked choke but hasn’t got the arm under the chin. McGann survives but now has Diakese on top of him. Diakese keeping busy on top of McGann. Diakese looking for an arm triangle but McGann gets free. One minute left on the clock. Diakese able to smother McGann for the final minute to arguably score the victory.

Result – Marc Diakese def Jack McGann by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) to become BAMMA Lonsdale British Lightweight Champion

Lightweight Bout
Jeremy Petley Vs Martin Stapleton

Round One – Stapleton lands a body kick. Stapleton lands a flurry of punches and pushes Petley up against the cage. Foot stomps from Stapleton and some big knees to the legs of Petley. Petley lands a knee to the body and gets the break then lands a head kick. Big body kick from Stapleton and Petley replies with a big right punch. Petley lands a nice combo of punches. Stapleton lands his own combo on Petley. Leg kick from Petley. Petley lands a right, left combo on Stapleton. Petley scores with a big right hand and is definitely holding his own in the standup. Petley eats an uppercut coming in but fires off a few right hands to Stapleton. Stapleton with a lef kick and right hook. Stapleton shoots for a takedown but Petley defends nicely and the round ends against the cage.

Round Two – Petley throws a head kick which is blocked and then the two engage in a back and forth exchange which cuts open Petley. Stapleton works towards the takedown but Petley able to get himself away from the cage. Big left punch from Petley who then goes for a high kick. Stapleton lands a left, right combo and finishes it with a knee. Stapleton having a bit more success with the stand up in this round but Petley comes back with a straight right which hurts Stapleton. Stapleton throwing more kicks this round. Stapleton lands a head kick but Petley walks through it. Petley lands a big knee which pushes Stapleton against the cage. The two engage and Petley lands a big left on the exit which rocks Stapleton. Petley goes for a takedown but Stapleton defends well.

Round Three – Stapleton lands a head kick which knocks Petley down and a few punches and the referee has seen enough.

Martin Stapleton def Jeremy Petley by TKO (Strikes) at 0:22 of Round Three

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