Badr Hari possibly facing three years in jail

AMSTERDAM- Kickboxing veteran and one-time MMA fighter Badr Hari could possibly be facing a three year sentence stemming from an assault, dubbed the “Sensation Incident”, that happened in July 2012 where a business man by the name of Koen Everick was knocked unconscious and has since suffered physical and mental injuries.

Everink stated, via, that three years after the assault he is still suffering physical and mental consequences of the beating. Part of his ankle feels constantly numb due to nerve damage, according to doctors.

“In short, I’m missing 15 to 20 percent functionality.” he said.

Despite an apology the Public Prosecutor has demanded a three year unconditional prison sentence against Hari, which apparently cannot be suspended due to Hari no longer living in the Netherlands.

The 30-year-old apologized for the incident: “I find it sad to hear what you have to experience. As a sportsman, I understand how much you must suffer as a result. I should never have thrown that punch. I hope that we will again be able to sit with each other and shake hands.” (via

However this apology was not accepted as, according to Everink, the kickboxer, who has over 100 pro fights, has made no effort over the past few years to reach out to him over compensation.

The ruling is expected on October 29th.

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