Anthony Taylor: ‘The only thing Artem is G.O.A.T at is sucking on goat milk’

Following Artem Lobov’s release from the UFC and his suggestion that he has been approached by Bellator Anthony ‘Pretty Boy’ Taylor, who has previous beef with Artem’s SBG teammates has renewed his relentless pursuit of Lobov with gusto. He’s pretty animated as he explains why he’s determined to make the match up happen this time.

“I just think a lot of the hype about Artem is just crazy. They call him the G.O.A.T, but the only thing Artem is GOAT at is sucking on goat milk. I’ve been calling him out for at least three years now. I just have a thing for SBG fighters. I’m two and one against those SBG fighters. I’m still gunning for Gallagher for a rematch. But in the mean time, I wanna fight Artem.”

Taylor is transparent on his intentions and what he wants to get out of the clash. It’s clear whilst his previous call out was aimed at Artem so that he could possibly notch up another win it’s evident that he is looking at what it will do for his visibility, as he explains, “It’ll elevate me to a new level as I would have fought a UFC caliber fighter, but Artem will be fighting a Bellator caliber fighter.” Continuing he said, “The fight will elevate him too. It’s an even match up. He’s (13-15) and I’m (4-5) what is there to lose for either one of us. Let’s gain some prosperity of that.”

‘Pretty Boy’ is ready to go at a moments notice and is certain that it can take place at any location of Artem’s choosing as he tells me, “I will fight Artem any time any place, in Ireland in San Jose. It doesn’t matter. He says he will fight any place, anytime. Let’s do this. Whenever he’s ready let’s make it happen.”

“He’s never fought a man with explosive ability and this type of power. When you see me fight look how explosive I am, how quick I am. I very rarely get hit. When you look at Artem all he wants to do is brawl. I’m down for brawling, how is he gonna deal with an athletic freak like me and my wrestling though. He doesn’t have a wrestling game. He’s never fought an African American with explosive power.”

Taylor seems proud of the fact that he has gained popularity based on his own graft and on his own merits. Having seen how he interacts with fans it’s clear he does have support on this side of the pond. He is not so sure Lobov’s popularity is something he himself has worked on, something he is keen to point out. “Right now I cant say I’m a contender yet,” he said. “So I say hey, you’re bringing in a veteran UFC fighter, let me prove to you how much I have improved. Everyone knows how big I am in Europe. The only reason Artem is so big is because he is Conor McGregor’s teammate.”

“I train out of BodyShop. I have training partners in Aaron Pico, I have training partners in AJ MCKee, I have training partners like Baby Slice. I have everything I need to be a successful fighter. Who has Artem got, really. James Gallagher doesn’t even train with them, Dillon Danis barely even trains. Who’s left…Conor McGregor. You take Artem to the ground his whole plans are done for.”

Artem Lobov is renowned for taking short notice fights and his turn up and scrap attitude so Taylor might just get what he’s campaigning for. This is a prospect Taylor seems to relish and double down on his assertion it’s a fight he can win as he has a renewed vigour for the sport. “I don’t worry about what Artem can do,” he laughs. Addressing Artem he said, “You’re (13-15) for a reason bro. I’m (4-5) because I haven’t taken my career seriously. I’ve been too busy being ‘Mr Casanova’ As long as SBG are around, I’m knocking them down.”

It’s clear that if Artem eventually does sign on the dotted line for Bellator Taylor’s call outs will become increasingly louder as he concludes by saying, “Prove your f–kin worth in Bellator before you start calling out the elite Artem. I’m the man that you have to run to before you start considering yourself the elite. I’m that next level guy you need to ascend to contender status. If you’re that greatest of all time then Artem you’ll fight anybody of all time, me. Any place any time, and I will beat you most definitely!”

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