Welcome to the new look #WHOATV.

Hopefully you’ve noticed the difference in our layout, colour scheme and name, but we will be going beyond cosmetic improvements moving forward. We’ve also tweaked our brand, our offering, what we deliver to you as a tangible product. The way in which we structure our videos, news, views and interviews will change incrementally over the coming weeks. This is a small step towards a wider and long term agenda.

We are primarily and will continue to be a lifestyle media outlet focussed on MMA but that doesn’t stop us from venturing into other lifestyle issues, films, books, tv programmes in fact any area that as MMA observers we would also like to highlight, within an MMA context. As a media outlet we feel that MMA is desperately in need of ‘mainstreaming enablers’, we intend to contribute towards this effort through our content and strategic partnerships which will hopefully satisfy our existing audience and entice a new demographic to enjoy what we have to offer.

From #WHOATV’s beginnings we’ve sought to be different and as we’ve progressed it’s encouraging to see your exponential support. It seems an appropriate time, in what is quickly becoming a healthy market place to reset the internal goals we’ve surpassed, with you the visitor being the benefactor of what we continue to deliver.

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