ACB 87: Fights to make you say WHOA part 1

It’s been said before and it needs to be repeated again, ACB is the stalking horse of European MMA promotions. In terms of matchmaking, sheer volume of shows and the way fighters are remunerated for their performances ACB are head and shoulders above many once seen as the leaders of the sport in Europe. ACB return to the UK next weekend for arguably one of the best UK based fight cards you will see this year when they set up shop in Nottingham on Saturday May 19th for ACB 87.

In a time honored tradition here at WHOA TV I’ll be continuing our ongoing watch regarding fights that will make you say WHOA. It’s only right we start of our top five with what is an eagerly anticipated match up when UFC vet Robert Whiteford takes on the brash, charismatic and verbose Kane Mousah.

As the online beef between these two continues one thing is definitely certain it’s not contrived or concocted, the beef is real. Mousah has been less than impressed with Whiteford’s outings since leaving the UFC and Whiteford is keen to close Mousah’s mouth once and for all.

Whiteford, to my mind is dangerous…very dangerous, less we forget his finishing rate is deadly, if he touches you there is a fair chance he will put you to sleep. His fight camp and pedigree of sparring partners puts him in good stead given that he is a regular at American Top Team. Time away from the cage is the only factor here that is a worry, having last competed for the promotion in March of last year, it will be interesting to see how Whiteford has developed in his downtime.

Mousah is coming off a huge win over Cage Warriors vet Alex Enlund and has got what he has constantly campaigned for since signing with ACB. He’s requested, no demanded, credible challengers. I’ve been privy to seeing first hand the energy and passion he exudes when trying to negotiate match ups and he certainly backs up his online persona when dealing with the ACB organisation face to face. Opponents come no more highly ranked than Whiteford and this matchup certainly ticks all the right boxes that meets his demands and indeed main event stature.

This clash has all the makings of an all time classic. Two men who are prepared to stand with each other until one falls. Something tells me Whiteford will look to take this to the ground in the opening exchanges as Mousah will look to put on a striking clinic. It’s a hard one to call as both Mousah and Whiteford are at the peak of their careers and as far as matchmaking goes this presents an incredible spectacle.

One thing is for sure the build up thus far has certainly been entertaining, both men are certainly worth a follow on social media. It’s a fight not to miss and rightly sits atop a card that is truly stacked and worth a cage side seat.

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