Since getting the boot from the UFC in May 2010 following his after-the-bell cheap shot on Josh Koscheck, Paul Daley has put together a record of 11-4. In that time he has managed 8 stoppage wins (7 KO/TKO’s) and has only been stopped once and that was by Nick Diaz.

Following his dismantling of Romario da Silva this past weekend, along with his other three vicious KO’s from 2013, we take a look at all the reasons why he should be brought back into the UFC.

Lesson Learned: He has stated many times that he regrets his actions at UFC 113 and that he would love nothing but to fight in the worlds largest promotion once again. He has matured and that is more than evident in his new approach and dedication to making weight after missing weight four times in less than two years.

UK Popularity: Semtex is one of the most popular fighters in the UK. It would be good business for the UFC to re-sign him and use his popularity to help push the UK cards. The UFC’s UK attendances have dropped slightly and that was more than evident at their last visit in October to Manchester. Paul Daley would have nothing but a positive effect on this.

Knockouts: With 25 KO/TKO’s to his name, Paul Daley is one of the most exciting fighters in the world! His past five wins have all come via devastating knockouts and due to the increasing number of decisions swamping the UFC, the promotion is in dire need of exciting fighters who can finish. And very few do it better than Daley.

Potential Fights: The exciting match-ups that Joe Silva could make with Daley back on the roster… Fights such as Lawler, Diaz rematch, Condit, Hendricks, and Matt Brown all have excitement written all over them.

Highly Rated: Hard to deny that the 30-year-old isn’t one of the top welterweights in the world. The UFC is the proving ground for the worlds elite. It is a disservice for fighters and fans that he is not competing against the worlds best.

Draws Reactions: Some people love him, some people hate him, but at the end of it people care about Daley. He draws peoples attention and gets people talking. That is a major thing in the fight business as fans will pay for a ticket or tune-in in order to see him win or lose.

Unfinished Business: When you think about “Paul Daley” one of your first thoughts will be something regarding the “UFC” whether it be that he is a veteran or his cheap-shot on Koscheck. In reality he only fought three times in the Octagon. To have that association with the UFC with only three fights is crazy. There will be too many questions on how far he could have gotten in the hunt for the title if he never resigns.



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