5 Fights to make in 2018 on UK soil – Part Two

In part two of my look at fights to make on UK soil in 2018 I turn my attention to Aaron Chalmers vs Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr.

Unbeknownst to many Aaron Chalmers represents a credible threat to the careers of those gaining a foothold in mixed martial arts. Now before you prepare that hearty repost via Twitter just hear me out. Of those matched to fight him in the run up to his last clash at BAMMA Newcastle several pulled out after viewing tape on him. It’s no surprise whilst Chalmers is no world beater he is able to put together enough of a threat in his career thus far to make many second guess just how easy a match up he really is.

After his latest KO at BAMMA he called for ‘Baby Slice’ to hear his emphatic plea for a showdown with him. A win over ‘Baby Slice’ could possibly silence the doubters which Chalmers surely relishes. ‘Baby Slice’ it would appear has picked up the fearless mantle once held by his father, Kimbo. Given the upward trajectory of both men the match up represents an intriguing showdown who are early in their careers.

What Chalmers has shown thus far is raw KO power, submission skills and a certain type of charisma to the table to sell a fight. Regardless of whether you are for or against him and want to see him fail or are intrigued by his showing so far there is a unanimous show of support to see him step up in competition. One thing is for sure he’ll earn the respect he deserves through this baptism of fire.

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