Why so serious Colin Fletcher?

Colin “The Freakshow” Fletcher returns to fight on the BAMMA stage at BAMMA 15 against tough striker Tony Hervey. Fletcher will be looking to pick up his second win in his last five fights against the tough former KOTC Champion. Fletcher had only suffered one career loss prior to getting a shot on the UFC’s reality show TUF in which he then suffered his second career loss in the finale against Norman Parke.

Following a unanimous decision loss to Mike Ricci he was cut from the UFC and returned to home soil for BAMMA. At BAMMA 13 a decision win over Tim Newman lined him up for a title shot against newly crowned Lightweight Champion Mansour Barnaoui but things didn’t go his way in that fight.

He now looks to bounce back to winning ways and get the “W” in the column on April 5th.

TQ – BAMMA 15 is just over two weeks away. How has preparations been going for your fight with Tony Hervey?

CF – Yeah prep has been great. I am pretty much in the gym between 6-8 hours every day and I have been running 6 miles every other day.

TQ – He (Tony Hervey) leans towards his striking as his main attribute, is this something you have been giving a lot of focus in this camp?

CF – Well not on purpose but striking is my favourite thing to do in the gym. But I am covering all bases like normal.

TQ –Now let’s get the nitty gritty out the way early on. Just how heartbreaking was it to make it to the UFC and then be cut after only two fights?

CF – It felt bad at first especially as I wasnt really signed to the UFC for my fight with Norman. That was still technically TUF so I feel like I only got one fight with them. But they told me a few time I should stop being the clown and I made MMA look silly so it wasnt really a surprise when I begged for chance to fight in the UK and they refused.

TQ – You bounced back from the UFC cut with a great win over Tim Newman. How important was it for you to get that win at BAMMA 13?

CF – Yeah it was really important as I was coming of the back of two really weird fights. One against someone I really liked (Norman Parke) then one that I constantly threw up from weighing in to fighting. Both fights were really strange in different ways so it was good to just feel like myself again.

TQ – At BAMMA 14 you stepped up for a title shot against the dangerous Frenchman Mansour Barnaoui and suffered a defeat in the first round. Was your game plan going into that fight to stand and trade with him or did the moment overcome you?

CF –  I don’t really do game plans, I just try to be the most prepared for anything I can be. I totally got caught up in a crazy school yard brawl he he! It was loads of fun but I made loads of mistakes which I hope to rectify one day.

TQ – Now it’s onwards and upwards as you are set to return to the BAMMA cage and take on former KOTC champion Tony Hervey. He is a tough guy to put away so how do you see the fight playing out?

CF – I see this fight being really fun. Me and him are really going to go at it. It should be fireworks from the off, I’m really excited about this one!

TQ – Has the fact that you lost your last bout given you even more drive and determination to win the next fight?

CF – Naaaa not really. I want to win every fight but I never said I was the best fighter in the world. I put my heart and soul into my training to be as competitive as possible. It’s more important to me to be in great fights with great fighters than to win everyone. I would rather lose an awesome fight than win a boring one. That’s the only thing that troubles me about my TUF finale fight and my fight in Canada is that I felt they were boring and I didnt show the people my true self in those fights

TQ – How much of the fight is mental and do you feel that losses play on your mind in your next fight?

CF – Not really, nothing really plays on my mind. The whole thing is to be unpredictable and not to be stressed about losing. I just put in the hours like everyone else then we get in there and roll the dice and see who comes out with the higher numbers.

TQ – Now you live/train out of Sunderland and the fight is in London. Will you be brining a big following to the Copper Box with you?

CF – I would have liked to have fetched more down with me but the show was announced on relatively short notice so im doin my best to sell tickets. Hopefully the people down there will appreciate what we do and get behind us and make some noise for our fight.

TQ – Given the fact that we are only two weeks out how much are you weighing at the moment and when does the real weight cut kick in?

CF – Lol I am pretty heavy at the moment but thats what im always like. I cut quite abit of weight but I suppose I am kind of used to it now.

TQ – Now you are known across the MMA world and the Freakshow and its obviously gained you a huge fan following. But can you tell us about Colin Fletcher the family man and what you do when you’re not training for fights?

CF – I am pretty much like this all the time. What you see is what you get. I love goofing around with anyone really. If its not the guys at the gym or random people I meet daily its with my wife and kids and family. And watching movies I love movies!

TQ  – Finally is there anyone you would like to thank or mention?

CF – All the guys who get down and help me in fight camps. My coaches Nick Hands, Warren Olliver, Paul Hubber and Barry Gibson. My fantastic sponsors and management and mostly my wonderful wife and two children.

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