We did it baby!

On August 4th I took part in the London Prudential 100 and completed it in just over 8 hours.  I rode from London to Surrey then back to London to raise money and awareness of those living with bipolar and I still need your help. So far I’ve raised over £1,300 which is over 50% of my intended target. 

As you know bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that affects over 1m people in the UK. All donations will support those living with the condition.

  • Your £10 donation could help make sure there’s someone to answer a bipolar Support Line call.
  • A gift of £50 can help five people access our supportive 24-hour eCommunity forum.
  • £100 could help ensure that a young person affected by bipolar can receive our dedicated support.

I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. Donating through my official Just Giving page  is simple, fast and totally secure.Help save a life today.

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