JCVD- Volvo

Normally I wouldn’t really put too much thought into an advert but this recent VOLVO ad featuring action movie icon Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits, while having a foot placed on each truck, while they are moving in reverse has caught my attention. It is claimed by the makers that it was done on the very first take and that yes, it is real!

It blends two of Van Damme’s finest moments during his career;
1. his flexibility, which has defined how he moves and kicks.
2. his monologue capability, which provided his finest acting moment on film for the movie ‘JCVD’.

Van Damme has been an inspiration for many people involved with MMA. Movies like Bloodsport and Kickboxer have helped guide a generation towards martial arts.

I am a self-confessed movie nut and always, unwittingly, over-analyse any film I see from the screenplay to the acting to camerawork and even soundtrack. This advert, in my opinion, is an excellent piece of filmmaking and deserves the credit it is getting; 30+ million views in less than a week.

It is as epic as it sounds!

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