Walter Gahadza: “Brazier wants his level tested, May 12th he will get it”

He’s as imposing in the cage as he is in interview. Walter Gahadza has a cold, steely, quiet sort of confidence that’s unnerving. Perhaps it’s because it’s backed by a sixteen fight winstreak that up until recently remained unblemished. He asserts that he feels no need to rubbish opponents with slick rhetoric and as we speak he is keen to explain that his words are not meant as disrespect but that they are just steeped in factual observation.

Walter Gahadza was, up until he met Nathan Jones in December, the custodian of one of the longest winning streaks in UKMMA history. To the casual observer you would surely question why the call up from the UFC had not been set in stone. Gahadza was keen to explain there is more to this than the casual observer may be party to.

“I had the UFC knocking and Bellator making inquiries too. I had an injury that kept me on the side-lines for nearly two years so I had to unfortunately decline their offer. The UFC offered me Rick Story on three weeks notice. It was flattering but my coaches advised me not to take that bout.”

Signed to UK based promotion, BAMMA, Gahadza is two fights into his contract which has not started well. The journey under the mixed martial arts promotion has so far seen a controversial end via illegal downward elbows to his first fight against Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher and a split decision loss to Nathan ‘Mr Bag N Tag’ Jones. Outcomes Gahadza is keen to learn from.

“I don’t believe Colin Fletcher came to fight, you could see it in his eyes. He’s a dirty cheat. He’s had his best years, he’s been to the UFC, wasn’t good enough and is on the way down. No disrespect to him, I used to look up to him, he’s done a lot for UKMMA but the fight that makes sense down the line would be me against Nathan Jones again.” Gahadza continued, “I was injured during that fight but on my worst day I took Nathan Jones to a split decision. I didn’t look at that fight as a loss I looked at it as a lesson. Hats off to him, but what did Nathan really do? It’s not like he was trying to finish me, he survived. I believe there will be a second fight and that won’t go past the first round.”

Next up for Gahadza will be a Lonsdale title clash with the charismatic Terry Brazier. In what we at #WHOATV are dubbing ‘The People’s Main Event’ this has fight of the night written all over it. Just like a stick of rock, it’s got fight of the night written on the inside too. Brazier is currently riding a six fight win streak, the smooth talking ‘Dominator’ has a military background so is used to literally gutting it out in the trenches. All of these credentials seem to trickle offh Gahadza like tears in rain as he recalls a face to face meeting with the welterweight.

“I’ve met Terry Brazier whilst I was cornering my team mate at a UCMMA event and he tried to make himself familiar with me. He was trying to little brother me, just trying to be bold and confident. I didn’t really want to talk to him as I knew I’d be fighting him. I didn’t care what he had to say. I mumbled a bit to him because I had nothing to say to him.”

“Me and Terry Brazier are two different calibre of fighters. Terry Brazier knows this. He speaks about being a Lion and having the heart of a Lion. The only Lion I know is Jimi Manuwa so Terry needs to stop stealing Jimi’s lines. There is only one Lion, he aint no Lion. No disrespect but who has Terry Brazier fought. The best fight he ever had was against Shah Hussain but Shah Hussain is washed up and gone past his time. Obviously Terry Brazier wants his level tested and on May 12th he will get it.”

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