[VIDEO] Conor McGregor: ‘ He’s a f-gg-t…”

He may be the UFC’s biggest star but Conor McGregor could now be in serious hot water after being caught on camera using the word “faggot” more than once in conversation with his team mate Artem Lobov on Saturday night. The comments came off the back of Lobov’s defeat to featherweight Andre Fili, as McGregor sought to console Lobov who, at this point, is unsure of his future.

Considering previous athletes in the top promotion have been seriously reprimanded for using inappropriate language only time will tell as to the penalty that McGregor will be handed if any at all.

What do you think? Does he get a pass as it was said in the heat of the moment or is there no place in conversation for off the cuff remarks such as these.

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