UFC vet Tim Hague KO’d in Russia after ditching UK bare knuckle fight

Tim Hague (20-9 MMA), who made 5 appearances in the UFC between 2009 & 2011, has angered the UK bare knuckle boxing (BKB) scene. The Canadian was scheduled to fight for the BKB promotion BBad against the UK’s Michael Ferry but instead opted to skip on that fight in order to compete in an MMA contest in Russia.

In the end it turned out to be the wrong decision for the 32-year-old as he seemingly burnt bridges among the BKB scene in the UK, got KO’d and saw his recent four-fight-win-streak in MMA was snapped.

Hague faced Evgeny Erokhin (11-4), a fighter who has a host of wins over big show veterans including Jeff Monson, Brett Rogers, Sokoudjou, Velentijn Overeem and Mike Kyle.

Here is the video below (skip to 6:00 for the KO):

The BKB promotion embedding the video above on their website BBadtv.com along with the following words:

“So, this is the fight that Tim Hague took in Russia after running away from Michael ‘The Real Deal’ Ferry after loosing his courage, dignity and any kid of fan base he had.

“Just look at how slow he is, can you imagine what Ferry would have done to him? KO in under 10 seconds? Easy.

“He never was a match for UBBAD’s People’s Champion Michael ‘The Real Deal’ Ferry, but looking at this i can see just why Hague ran away tail between his legs.”

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