Top 5 Funny Moments in MMA

Who doesn’t like lists? I love a good list. I also love to laugh. It’s good for your health, in my opinion. Putting the two together, along with our beloved sport of mixed martial arts, and you get, well, you get a top five funniest moments in mixed martial arts history. Duh!

#5 – The Ice, The Joe Rogan & The Three Stooges:

Joe Rogan put it perfectly in commentary. It was just like a Three Stooges bit. Between rounds of Melvin Guillard vs. Ronys Torres, the corner team working on Torres comically spilled a bag of ice all over the octagon. It doesn’t sound very funny, to be fair; just a little unfortunate. However, what puts it over the edge is Joe Rogan’s scrutinizing play-by-play commentary while the stooges panic and make an even bigger mess inside the octagon.

#4 – Mike Goldberg struggling with “The Prodigy”:

Ah, Mike Goldberg, where to start. Our long-time beloved UFC commentator has had many hiccups over the years; so many that we could’ve posted a top 10 list dedicated to Mike Goldberg moments. But we haven’t, and we have to narrow it down to just one.

I’m not sure if this is even the funniest Mike Goldberg moment for the majority of people, as he has had plenty of unintentional gems over the years, but, as outlined in the joy I took from the three stooges panicking in #5, I find people fumbling quite funny. That might make me a bad person, but what can you do.

#3 – Michael Bisping’s collision with karma:

This one gets me every time. It happened just after Michael Bisping beat Jason “Mayhem” Miller in the coach’s challenge on the 14th season of The Ultimate Fighter. It was classic Michael Bisping; he won, and he made no bones about how much he enjoyed winning by jumping onto the table and celebrating. Then something happened. Something happened, which was nothing short of hilarious.

#2 – Danny Mainus being the butt of the joke:

This particular one, which will probably give you a little insight into my unabashed immature sense of humour, is just so unintentionally hilarious. Michael Schiavello is a guy who I think is one of the better commentators in combat sports, especially mixed martial arts, but his commentary on this bout between Danny Mainus and Zac Chavez was probably the most distracting commentary in the history of MMA.

Butt for all the fight reasons. Pun intended.

#1 – Ken Shamrock & Tito Ortiz shenanigans:

Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz’s feud in the Ultimate Fighting Championship was one of the most important rivalries in its history. That’s undeniable. However, that being said, some of the ‘promos’ and antics were accidentally hilarious.

Among many, it’s the infamous “beat you into the living death” speech that definitely tops everything. Shamrock’s ramblings were kind of cheesy, even before the comment that everyone remembers, but it is the final statement from Shamrock that makes the whole thing seriously funny. Just look at Dana’s face.

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