Many mixed martial artists will admit to you that they were inspired by, what are probably now considered, old combat movies like Dragon or Bloodsport.

In a new movie due out Christmas Day in the US & January 24th UK/Ire we will see two of our beloved movie veterans do battle in the boxing ring as Sylvester Stallone, aka Rocky Balboa, takes on Robert De Niro, aka Jake LaMotta.

Okay, okay, they aren’t playing those characters but it is no coincidence that the filmmakers chose two actors that previously portrayed two of the most iconic boxers ever in film history.

The movie is called “Grudge Match” and is a sports comedy that pits two aging boxers, Billy “The Kid” McDonnen (De Niro) and Henry “Razor” Sharp (Stallone), who have an unsettled thirty year old grudge.

They each have one victory over the other but the night before their rubber match for the title “Razor” retired and left everyone on a cliffhanger (get it?) with plenty questions and not enough answers. Now 30 years later the two are prompted to get back in the ring one last time and settle the score (I’m here all week).

It looks like a fun movie that fans will get nostalgic about and has a good supporting featuring Alan Arkin, Kevin Harte and Kim Bassinger but unfortunately no Burt Young (Paulie). One thing is for certain, I am already curious as to who wins… Check out the trailer below.

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