In the forgotten realm of Wudan’s history, many chapters have been left out. The birth of Wudan rose from PO’s exile from known circles by a council of elders. Upon this he climbed Wudan and obtained zen while living the hardest of lives in the harshest of places.

The story of Po’s exclusion is long and clouded with legend, but the beginning is a known fact. Po’s angering of the elders began at the tournament of Dim Mok, where only one man survives. Prior to accepting the event, for there was no other way to greatness, Po had expressed personal doubt about killing for sport, or even achievement. His elders convinced him finally, that this was the way of things.

To survive PO had to fight 4 rounds, against 4 masters of varying styles, eliminating everything and everyone in his path. So it happened.

His first round opponent showed a fluid mixture of Karate with an unknown style originating at the edges of the known world. Po was on the defence for the greater balance of the fight, all 8 seconds of it. Still and all, a percussive strike from PO ended the battle and the unknown master collapsed, heart not beating. The next opponent could only be branded a savage. He even refused to bow. He attacked mouth agape to bite, spewing saliva, screaming, arms pinwheeling, claws exposed. Into this vortex Po involved himself, avoiding harm, and an elbow to the mans heart stopped cardiac activity.
Numbers 3 and 4 did bring distinct challenges, and PO fought hard, winning each time with a touch at a forbidden spot, just over the opponents hearts.

Yet, during the award ceremony a strange thing happened, instead of 4 dead opponents, the 4 men all took a deep shouting breath and were alive. The blow PO has used was unknown, only a fraction short of Dim Mok, but was a clear violation of the tournaments rules. The judges were furious.

Instantly PO was surrounded by 100 spear bearing guards as the leading judge stood. “Finish them” he demanded, death is a must!” the judge said pointing directly at PO. Po, fatigued from 4 battles took the slightest of steps backwards, away from his downed opponents. It was at this instant the guards attacked him.

Pos display was uncharacteristically brutal. Po knew exactly how to kill cleanly, yet every life he took involved the spilling of blood. He never used a spear, despite his numerous disarmermeant techniques. The ground ran red from his bare hands. After every guard had fallen, lifeless, he approached the judges.

The judges were members of the Shogunate. Harming them was sure to bring the armys of the known world together in a bid to take PO’s life. PO knew this, and some say this was the exact moment he decided to climb Wudan, as the unconquered mountain was the only place he could attempt to live his life in peace.

The first judge began. “You dishonour this tournament, death is a must!” Po snapped all three of their necks with a blistering display of hand speed.Before their bodys had hit the ground, Po had already rebutted, “Life is a must.” Po declared, “Death was your choice.”Po’s 4 original opponents lay amongst the blood, still incapable of standing. Three of those masters were never seen again. The savage returned to the mountain 94 years later, aged and injured from a life of battle. He told how PO’s exile upon the mountain was spoken of in anger. He told how they would come to destroy the temple.

We cared for him until his death in 621.

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