Priest master Shi Yan Hui was teaching me In the garden.

“You must purify your thoughts. When you think of rain, you must only see rain. Not the trees it lands on or the clouds it comes from.” He instructed

I was sitting in lotus position, I nodded.

“I bet you have never had a pure thought in your life, have you!” He began to rant “How can you expect to master Wudan, if you cannot give your whole mind to anything?”

He stood up and pulled a thin flexible branch from underneath his robe.

“I will show you how to dedicate your mind to a single thought!” he said.

I heard it whistle through the air as it struck the top of my head. With the crack of a whip blood began to pour down my face – as the branch had broken the skin in a perfectly straight line, as if a knife had been run along the top of my skull.

The pain was unbearable, I couldn’t retain focus. I grabbed my head and began to scream in agony.

“Ha! Your first pure thought, pain!” he mused. “You are a Zen Master!”


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