Persian Pride: Mahmood Besharate

Flyweight fighter Mahmood Besharate is set to take on Rany Saadeh at BAMMA 15. Mahmood who fights for the third time at BAMMA will be looking to get his name thrown into the mix for a future Flyweight title shot but needs to get past the tough German first.

TQ – You are set to take on Germany’s Rany Saadeh on 5th April. Being so close to the fight what kind of things are you now focusing on and what’s your daily routine in the run up to the fight?

RS – All the hard training done. It’s all now about rest, recovery and sleeping as much as I can.

TQ – Coming into the fight on an undefeated record must give you an air of confidence, but does it also increase the pressure going into this one?

RS – I take my fight and concentrate about the only fight I got ahead of me. In this game the last thing you want to do is increase the pressure which is what you don’t really need. I do love what I do and every single fighter is out there to win. I am there to enjoy the best 15min of my life under the spot light and winning is a God Blessing for me.

TQ – Rany looked very impressive last time out and since has been competing in some grappling fights. What do you make of your opponent and do you feel your styles will make for a great fight?

RS – A lot of people do a lot of reading about their opponent, but me personally just get on with my work & training. I don’t care what my opponent are like but to be honest he has got be one of best flyweights from Germany. I am hoping to be in a great fight.

TQ – Your last fight against Joe Laurence went the distance and being there live, it didn’t look as though you were over the moon with your performance?

RS – It was a injury I had on my knee, it was 4 weeks before my fight, I couldn’t hardly do much. I was very close to pulling out from the fight but because I was raising money for kids with cancer I could not give up easily! I said to myself if my knee is going to go in the fight there is nothing I could do about it, but the help I had from Owen King strapping my knee I managed to just control the fight and not think about the finish.

TQ – Surely an impressive win for either of you on fight night certainly puts you in the mix for a future BAMMA Flyweight Title shot when the title is created. Have you had these discussions with BAMMA and have they mentioned likely timescales of this happening?

RS – To be honest having a belt around my waist doesn’t mean anything, I am still learning every day to get up the ladder in the rankings and to be a better fighter. I am sure when the right time comes BAMMA would come up with something.

TQ – Where have you spent most of your training camp for this fight? I know you mix things up between Team Rough House!

RS – Ok here we go when it comes to training I am a right slag! I do my striking with: Owen “The Ice Man” Comrie, Bjj with: Lee Livingstone & Lee Bown, Strength & conditioning: Sonny Dholakia and training in different places: Cobra Gym at Gym Combat Bjj at Bushido (Nottingham MMA & BJJ) and  Alliance Derby Squad training at 4th Diminutions with team Rough House

TQ – Having fought twice already for BAMMA does it ease the pressure of fighting on a big stage?

RS – I love what I do & enjoying every second in the cage.

TQ – I noticed that you have been looking for sponsors for the fight. Just how hard is it getting sponsors early on in your career and does it help when you fight for BAMMA given their popularity and coverage?

RS – This sport it’s really hard as you got completely give up your life and train. Unfortunately I can’t afford to stay off from work for a long time and still got to pay my bills… It’s really challenging to work & train in the same time and really hard to get sponsors.

The only sponsor I’ve got is KickSport (Thanks to my Taekwondo Coach: Seelan Rangasamy) James Engineering (Thanks to Chris James)

TQ – How difficult is it maintaining a full time job and training? I saw earlier in the week that your employers James Engineering have given you some time off in the run up to the fight. Has this always been the case?

RS – It’s really challenging to work & train in the same time, that’s mean you got no life. I wish I could train full time not thinking about pounds all the time with my three jobs. My life is work, training, eating and finally sleeping if I’m lucky. I have a little monster who wants to watch Peppa Pig in the middle of the night. On the last show I had four weeks off but I couldn’t afford to stay away from work that long for this fight… Still I am grateful for the healthy body I got & my employee james engineering to support me follow my dreams!

TQ – Now the fight takes place on a Saturday and I read that your favourite food is a Sunday lunch. Presumably Sunday you will be bulking back up with a few plates of roast potatoes?

RS – Definitely I enjoy my food & can’t wait to get this fight out of way & get back to normal life…

TQ – Finally is there anyone you would like to thank or mention?

RS – Want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me to get ready for this fight & believed in me!!! My coaches: Owen”Ice Man”Comrie, Lee Livingstone, Lee Bown, Sonny Dholakia, Seelan Rangasamy. My team mates from Bushido, Alliance Derby, Cobra Gym, Rough House, 4th Dimontion, Gym Combat, Nottingham Mma & Bjj (Bushido) My Sponsors: Kick Sport, James Engineering, Farabi, SubGuard, Royal Yeomanry, Mojo, 4th Dimensions, Gym Combat, Alliance Derby. Finally all my friends & family & every one who is making an effort & coming  to London and support me.

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