Superfly: Rany Saadeh

Flyweight Rany Saadeh is looking to improve his undefeated BAMMA record at BAMMA 15 as he is set to take on undefeated Mahmood Besharate. The German fighter who has only suffered one loss in his six fight professional career boasts five victories with three coming by way of TKO. The BAMMA Flyweight division is yet to crown a champion so this fight could certainly have future title shot implications.

TQ – You are set to take on Mahmood Besharate at BAMMA 15. Just two weeks away from the fight, how has your training been going and how are you feeling two weeks out?

RS – Hi! I know every fighter will tell you the same before a fight, how great his training is and how good he feels, even though it could be a lie. I’ve been training in Berlin and a bit in Liverpool and guess what, I can honestly say it was great. I am feeling good and I am injury free. I’m excited and can’t wait for BAMMA 15.

TQ – Your opponent is a Taekwondo silver medallist and also a K1 British Champion. How do you see the fight playing out and where do you feel you have the advantage?

RS – I feel the advantage in every area, striking and grappling. Maybe my opponent feels the same. We will see where the fight goes. This fight could be a complete MMA fight and I’m also ready to adapt during the fight.

TQ – I am due to interview your opponent in the next few days. Is there anything you would like to say to him ahead of the fight?

RS – I wish him a good last bit of injury free preparation and an easy weight cut.

TQ – The last time we saw you at BAMMA you looked very impressive in stopping Danny Missin in the second round. How much confidence did that win give you?

RS – I am always confident. I have to be, otherwise I wouldn’t fight abroad. I gained confidence with that fight but I was also confident before. It came from the preparation that helped me to reach a new level.

TQ – That fight was back in September last year and you haven’t fought in MMA since. Although I see that you have been keeping busy fighting for No Compromises Fighting Championship. Have you always competed in between fights and do you feel this gives you an edge over your opponents?

RS – That’s right, I always stay busy with competition preferably in grappling and BJJ. It gives me experience,  helps me to showing mistakes to myself and it is fun too. Also it’s a good reason to train.

TQ – You are still very young but in terms of experience you have been involved in martial arts for most of your life. Do you feel that fighting for BAMMA will help to shape your career and what are your career goals within MMA?

RS – It will definitely help to shape my career and I am really happy to be with BAMMA at the moment. It’s just one step before the biggest stage with the world’s best fighters. My long term career goal is to be successful against them and to belong to the best in the world.

TQ – How big is MMA in Germany and has the fact that there are a few German fighters in the UFC helped to boost popularity of the sport in Germany?

RS – MMA is slowly growing in Germany but it is still small. I think the reason for being a small scene is that there are no TV rights but the UFC is working on it. I don’t see that any fighter in general that helped to boost popularity of MMA. It is more the gyms and local shows that help the sport moving forward.

TQ – The Flyweight division at BAMMA isn’t huge and between yourself and Mahmood you hold victories over most of the active fighters. Has there been any talk about a Flyweight Title in the organisation?

RS – There is no title yet, it’s vacant. But I’m working towards becoming the first BAMMA World Flyweight Champion. It will come in its time.

TQ  – Will you be bringing a big following to London with you and when will you be flying over on fight week?

RS – No, I never brought ANY following to my fights except my cornermen but I would be really happy for every single fan in the UK that supports me. Every MMA fan should come down and watch this fight, it will be an exciting one!

TQ – What other fights at Flyweight excite you in the BAMMA organisation?

RS – I’m pretty much interested in every Flyweight fight at BAMMA.

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