In a bid to further incentivise mixed martial artists to deliver a peak performance last night the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced a modification to its live event bonuses.

The promotion announced effective immediately, UFC will award “Fight of the Night Bonuses” to each of the fighters in the best fight of the night, as well as additional “Performance of the Night Bonuses” to the two best individual performances on the card. The bonus amounts will remain $50,000. The “Performance of Night” bonuses will reward the athletes who put on the best and most exciting individual performances.

Will this lead to incredible efforts in the Octagon, or will it stave of the increased grumblings about fighter pay, only time will tell. One thing’s for sure adding an extra incentive and linking additional pay to performances can only be a good thing for the discerning public.  Nobody wants to sit though UFC 169-like snooze fests which very well may have been the prod the UFC needed to switch things up.

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