Setbacks prove to be a blessing in disguise for Holohan

Setbacks are part and parcel in the sport of MMA and Irish fighter Paddy ‘The Hooligan’ Holohan (9-0-1) is particularly accustomed to them.

Last in full competitive action nearly two years ago the 26-year-old has went through a rough time with injury after injury. He signed with Cage Warriors but never had a chance to make his debut due to injuries sustained.

The opportunity for The Ultimate Fighter reared its head then over a year ago and the Dubliner took a risk both financial (getting to Vegas ain’t cheap) and physical. He made it through the selection process to the final 32 fighters and got the chance to fight to get into the TUF house.

But another setback was to happen, he got matched against wrestler Josh Hill. The normally very exciting Holohan never got a chance to showcase his stellar striking skills that have entertained Irish fight fans for years. Hill done what was needed to win the fight and he can’t be blamed for doing so.

Holohan then returned home with the TUF dream ruined and a fresh injury to recover from. All had been quiet for the past year for the SBG fighter. No news came from the camp for a long time….that was until yesterday when it was announced that he was signed to fight at UFC Dublin on July 19th.

If you don’t know much about the young fighter here is one of his finest performances against top Irish fighter Damien Rooney from 2012.

Paddy Holohan

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