See James McSweeney’s ‘soccer kick’ finish at ONE FC 19

One thing many people loved about Pride was the ‘soccer kicks’ and that seems to be one of the unique selling points of ONE FC. James McSweeney spoke to us pre-fight about the rule-set of ONE FC favouring the strikers and coming from a striking background the UK fighter seems very happy with that.

Well we got to see how ‘soccer kicks’ can be utilized in MMA once they are allowed. It was a typical situation, one guy on deck and the other standing, that we see in the UFC all the time and the outcome of which is usually one of the following: a standup, jump into guard, or attempted jump over (rarely). Here we get to see a KO from McSweeney at ONE FC 19.

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GIF courtesy of the incredibly talented @ZProphet_MMA. Title image credit ONE FC.

james mcsweeney

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