SBG’s John Kavanagh grateful for BAMMA’s approach to fighter safety

SBG head coach John Kavanagh is certainly in for a very busy evening this Saturday at #BAMMA26 with eight (John Phillips, Peter Queally, Sinead Kavanagh, Charlie Ward, Ben Forsyth, Blaine O’Driscoll & Richie Smullen) of his fighters competing on the card.

Kavanagh took part in the pre event press conference this week and was asked about his views on how BAMMA have approached this event, having postponed it due to their decision to implement new safety measures. Kavanagh was very supportive of the promotions decision and their handling of fighter safety which is his number one priority for his athletes;

“BAMMA have taken on board the responsibility for raising the safety standards. It’s huge, the knock on effect it’s going to have for the rest of the UK and Europe. So I’m very thankful to them, because they took a huge risk when they announced what they were doing as there’s a expense involved to each fighter to get their medicals done. But we had to do this to follow the same route as pro boxing & the UFC, the standard they set. I’m delighted it’s happened. I’m very thankful to BAMMA, I’m very loyal to BAMMA, I’ll always be a big part of the show when they come to Ireland.”

“Saturday’s show, is the first pro show in Ireland to produce these new safety standards and as a coach my concern is for the safety of fighters. That’s big for me and it’s a historical night, on top of that as a fan from top to bottom we have a really amazing fight card.”

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