Paul Daley: ‘Who can’t hear must feel’

Paul Daley has announced his involvement in the Bellator Welterweight Gran Prix and without missing a heartbeat the war of words have escalated incredibly quickly. The Welterweight Grand Prix now features a ten man line up with the likes of Rory MacDonald; former champions Douglas Lima and Andrey Koreshkov; undefeated welterweights Michael Page, Neiman Gracie, Ed Ruth, and Yaroslav Amosov; and former UFC veterans Lorenz Larkin and Jon Fitch.

It’s an incredible line up of Bellator talent but all eyes will be on both Semtex and MVP as their showdown looms closer now than ever. In the run up to Daley’s protracted addition to the stellar line up Page, a delay Daley explained as just ironing out a few bumps in the contract, Page took to social media to take shots at the UK’s highly regarded KO specialist posting the following:

Page followed that up by telling MMA Nytt “He’s a bitch and was bullied into signing now I’m gonna destroy what’s left of him.” It would seem the gloves are definitely off for what seems set to be this decades version of Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank. Speaking exclusively to WHOA TV Daley said

“I’m happy to be in the tournament, I’m happy myself, my manager and Bellator have come to an agreement.”

Switching things up a gear and addressing MVP’s recent comment Daley continued his response to MVP via Instagram saying, “As a child, I had a younger cousin, he always looked up to us older cousins, would play round, try do the dangerous stunts we did as kids watching Jackie Chan films. My dad would tell him to stop, he just wasn’t ready to play with the big cousins yet he wouldn’t listen and always ended up hurting himself…bad.

My dad would always say ‘Who don’t ‘ear mus’ feeeelll!’ in Jamaican patois. That quote sums up the potential MVP fight for me.”

The war of words have started with gusto and one thing’s for sure going by the huge potential this has for bragging rights, the words are set to escalate to a level we’ve not seen in the UK for a while. Ahead of the fight being officially announced we will continue to bring you the emerging news.

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