Paul Daley: “MVP, Stop begging it”

Fight fans waiting for a clash between Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley and Michael ‘Venom’ Page are seemingly riding a wave of anticipation as the two continue with their barbed war of words on various media platforms. Arguably one of the most anticipated clashes to take place on UK soil since Chris Eubank Snr fought Nigel Benn, Daley vs Page looks set to go down in 2018 but at a time of Daley’s choosing.

WHOA TV reached out to Paul Daley for comment following a spirited conversation that took place between Page and host of ‘The MMA Hour’ Ariel Helwani on his regular Monday show. Both host and guest seemed unsure that the fight would still happen. According to Daley, it’s firmly on the agenda, “The fight will happen. At the right time.” He continued, “As I’ve said continually, just so he knows he ain’t in the driving seat.”

With a rumored Bellator card scheduled for the early part of 2018 one would think that this would be an ideal opportunity for Page vs Daley to go down, it would draw excellent numbers for Bellator and offer a decent payday for both men. Daley is keen to put to bed rumours that he would be clashing Page on the anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G’s death, “The March 9th date ain’t happening that’s all I’m saying. Tell Page to keep it moving. Concentrate on his boxing career or other MMA fights out there.”

With Page clearly still keen on the fight one of the takeaways from Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour was ‘MVP’ stipulating that the winner of Daley vs Page will walk away with their opponents purse. I put this to Daley who was emphatic in his response on whether he would be interested in signing up to a fight on those terms. His response to Page’s demand was curt and to the point, “MVP should stop begging it”

With 2018 just around the corner it’s clear that the war of words will shift up a gear as we head towards fight night, if it eventually happens.

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